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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Hockey Match” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Hockey Match

Matches are held to promote healthy competition amongst the players. They are the opportunities to display one’s agility, sense of judgment and the habit of striking the iron when it is hot. They are the best means to know ones plus points and minus points and bring about improvement accordingly. Last Sunday there was a hockey match between my school and a public school. Hundreds of boys and girls as spectators had assembled to witness the match. They were in their high spirits and raised enthusiastic slogans for their respective teams.

The players of both the schools were in their proper dresses. At 4 p.m. both the teams entered the field. Two referees also arrived there. One of the referees blew the whistle. The rival captains shook hands. A coin was tossed. Our team won the toss and selected the side of its choice. All the players took ‘their respective places. The ball began to roll at the whistle of the referee.

The game started but it was lifeless in the beginning, quite dull. Very soon it was fast and offensive. Our team with the help of short passes took the ball into the striking circle of the public school. The goalkeeper frustrated the efforts of our team to score a goal. Our centre forward moved at an amazing speed but he was checked by the full-back of the rival team. The ball was passed and re-passed like a shuttlecock. No side could score a goal.

Now it was half time. The players took light refreshments and discussed the strategy of scoring goals. After ten minutes the game restarted. The teams had changed their sides. Our team got a short corner and scored a goal. There were shouts of joy from our supporters. But soon the public school team scored an equalizer. The game became more interesting. Our rival team’s captain ran with the bail into D and hit it hard. But our goalkeeper foiled the attempt. The spectators raised shouts of joy.

Our left out and right along with the captain played extremely well. The boy on the back checked all the entries of the offenders. Out of desperate efforts our captain came with the ball like a flash of lightning and pushed it into the goal. This way our school won the match. The captain was given a shoulder lift. We danced out of joy. Our players hoisting their sticks in the air came out. The match ended and we returned to our home.


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