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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Superstitions” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


People have a tendency of believing certain things that are not real. logical or reasonable. Many people believe that if a cat, especially a black one crosses their path then their work will not be done. However, there is no scientific proof to how that this is true. As soon as people see a black cat crossing their path, they turn around, go back and start walking all over again. Such people are the victims of superstitions and blind belief.

Almost all of us have some or the other silly belief in the corner of our minds. We can catch our silly beliefs by reasoning them. We must utilize the power of our own mind to think, understand and examine the situation. After this, we must find the courage to throw out the mindless belief from our mind. We must understand that the silly belief is nothing but a superstition. Therefore, superstition is a belief that is not based on reason or knowledge. Unawareness, fright and illiteracy leads to superstition.

As far as India is concerned, although the country has seen many fast changes, but there are people who are superstitious and have a strong faith in the local beliefs. Most of the Indian beliefs exist under the impression of protecting themselves from evil forces. These beliefs have on scientific reasoning and are unproven and false. There are many such Indian beliefs that are illogical and absurd. The daily life of many people is led by beliefs and superstitions. For example, some people assume that Friday is not a favourable day for haircut while some think that Saturday is good for purchasing new things.

Different religious practices are also responsible for the spread of superstitions. The curved horseshoe outside the main door of the house is always said to bring good luck. In addition to this, some other illogical human actions that are assumed to bring good luck to a person include, crossing the fingers to fulfill ones wish and knocking on something made from wood. Certain superstitious things that are believed to bring bad fortune for a person are breaking a mirror, stepping on a cracked object and walking under a ladder. However, it has not been proved whether these superstitions actually bring bad luck to a person or not.

As early man had no scientific knowledge, he offered human sacrifices to please his deity. He worshiped various forces of nature like moon, wind, sun, fire and rain. He strongly believed that they controlled the universe, as they were sometimes kind and sometimes very harsh. Centuries later, witchcraft became a famous superstition in many European countries. People imagined that there were old wicked women who had sold their souls to the evil spirits.

Today in scientific age, slowly the evil of being superstitious is being thrown out of men’s mind. He is becoming more and more rational. However, our knowledge will not grow until all the superstitions are totally thrown out of our mind and from society.


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