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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Drowning Tragedy” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Drowning Tragedy

Essay No. 01

It was a festival day. A crowd of people had gathered on the bank of a river to take the holy dip. An announcement was being made warning people not to go into the deep water. My friend Sunil and I took with us inflated tubes and swimming kits to enjoy floating on the water. We kept near the bank as we did not know how to swim.

There were a great hustle and bustle. We were enjoying ourselves. All of a sudden we heard the cries. People ran towards the river and those who were bathing came out I looked about and saw a man drowning. He had not heeded the warning and had gone into the deep water. He was being carried away by the strong current. He was ducking. Water pushed him up and down. He raised his arms and cried for help.

A man with his clothes on jumped into the river and swam towards the drowning man. He tried to drag him towards the shore. The drowning man held him. The rescuer abandoned his efforts. In the meantime, an expert diver had reached there as someone had phoned the police. He dived into the river and remained under the water. After a while, he brought the man out. The man was in a precarious condition and was unconscious. He was laid flat on the bank with his face downwards and the diver pressed his body. Water gushed out of his mouth and nose. He was taken to a nearby clinic and was given artificial respiration.

In the meantime relatives of the man arrived at the clinic. They were weeping bitterly. All present muttered prayers for the victim’s safety. Oxygen was administered to him but he did not regain his consciousness. A lady rushed to the clinic from her office. She was the wife of the unconscious man. Seeing her husband in a precarious condition she started crying. It was difficult to console her.

Despite the continuous efforts of the medical staff the-Man. did not come to himself. Soon, the doctor pronounced him dead. Hearing this the lady fell down with a thud. The relatives wept bitterly. They took the dead body for cremation. A pall of gloom descended on the sight. We felt depressed and came to our homes.

Essay No. 02

A Drowning Tragedy

It was a Sunday morning. The sky was clear. A cool breeze was blowing. I and my friends decided to go on a picnic at the canal.

This canal flows at a distance of two kilometers from our village. We were a group of ten friends. We set out in a merry mood. We reached the canal in half an hour.

We had a watermelon feast at first. We then decided to go for a swim. We took off our clothes and jumped into the canal. We had great fun in the water. We played hide and seek in the water. We splashed water on one another. Everyone was enjoying himself. Some climbed onto the bridge and jumped into the water. We were playing all sorts of pranks.

All of a sudden we heard the cries, “Save me, save me”. It was Ramesh, the naughtiest boy in our group. He was floating on the water. We rapidly swam towards him. But he laughed out loud when he saw us approaching him. He was acting like a drowning man.

After some time we once again heard the cries for help. We ignored them, thinking that Ramesh was once again playing a trick on us. But this time the cries were desperate. We turned and saw that Ramesh was indeed drowning. We quickly swam towards him. One of us caught hold of his hair. We all pushed Ramesh towards the banks of the canal.

Ramesh was unconscious when we finally pulled him out of the water. We became afraid for his safety. He did not respond to shouting or shaking. Luckily I and some of my friends had received the First-Aid training. I placed my knee on his stomach and pressed hard. A lot of water came out of Ramesh’s stomach. We made him lie face downwards on the ground. We pressed him above the hips. This removed some more water from his stomach. Vipul knew artificial resuscitation. He blew air into Ramesh’s mouth soon Ramesh was breathing on his own. After a little while, Ramesh opened his eyes. We heaved a sigh of relief.

This accident had shaken us all. We no longer wanted to remain at the canal. We, therefore, made our way towards home. Ramesh was safely carried by us, as he was still weak. On the way, we thanked God for not causing any tragedy.


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