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Essay on “Work is Worship” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Work is Worship

Essay No. 01

When we talk of work and worship, we must really understand the correct meaning of both these words. Work means action which W involves effort and exertion and, worship means giving reverence to some power. Now knowing the meanings of these two words, let us analyze how work can be worship. It is so in this way that, when we revere our work, we are in other words, adoring work, respecting work, and giving it high acclaim.

Now, why do we admire work so much? This is because, work means action, and action is the very essence of life. I feel that we can drink and taste the nectar of life only if we work. All enjoyment, all achievement all progress come from this magic word of ‘work’.

We can see the magic and achievements of work when we go into memory lane and try to recollect as to what man was, centuries back. The man was then, no better than an animal, he lived like an animal, ate like an animal, stayed naked like an animal, and above all lived with the animals. How then has man come to the present stage of development and progress, how has he changed his onetime animal-like appearance into the smart and handsome human being? This, entire yes, all this is the result of man’s work for. I am sure if it had not been for man’s labor, he may still have been at the same animal stage that he was, centuries back. The constant work that man did through the past centuries has made him a species apart from all others. Man has been undoubtedly gifted by God his creator, with a brain and a terrific capacity to work and so the result is here in front of us all to see and admire. A thing that can convert an animal-like man into a civilized human of today is to be definitely admired, and this thing is WORK. Thus work is to be taken as a single thing that has got to be revered and worshipped because it is this single thing that has helped us to come to this stage of development, when we can enjoy a comfortable and happy life, away from the stresses of the jungle,

Now, having reached this stage of growth, we cannot think of stopping work for, as we know there never can be an end to growth and development. I am sure, the moment we stop this magic wand, we will be inviting doom, for mankind. If a man has to continue his movement on the path of progress, he has to continue with his tryst with work, and also consider this as his greatest idol of worship for this always stands him in good stead.

When we consider the progress of an individual or a country or a community, it can so clearly be measured with the work put in by the people concerned. In 1947, in India after partition, the residents of Punjab were completely uprooted from their homes in Punjab, and had lost all that was there, and had fled to all other parts of India. Today we all see them as the most successful businessmen in India. This is all because of their dint of hard work. In the 40s, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely destroyed and brought immersed to the ground but, by now, Japan has become the world’s most developed technological country. Why is this so? This again is due to the sheer hard work of the people of Japan. So with these two glaring examples of achievements of hard work, all of us will agree that there is no possible alternative to hard work. It is this single quality in man that puts him on a pedestal of respect and reverence, in comparison with other animals who are bereft of this gift and capacity of hard work.

So much for nations and communities now let us consider the magic of work for an individual. For individuals also we see that the people who are found to be successful are just the ones who work hard, and work constantly, never getting tired of work. Work in fits and starts does not really help, for any achievement, work has to be a continuous process just like prayer or worship

The best way to work is to enjoy work for, only when we enjoy doing it, can it be of an exquisite order. It is only when we enjoy a task that it gets done well and we also do not feel the burden. As soon as the work becomes a burden, it loses its sanctity of being worship, and then its quality also goes down. Our aim must be to enjoy work, no matter what it may be, only then can we aspire to achieve the optimum result. Only when we take work as worship i.e. a thing to be revered and worshipped will we be giving work its due. Work can create wonders, work can help us to wade through hot waters, and of work, there is no substitute, as work is worship.


Work is Worship

Essay No. 02

It is rightly said that an idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop. A man who is lazy can achieve nothing in life. The story of the ant and the cricket is well-known. The cricket had laid by nothing of winter. When he went for help and advice to the ant, she asked him, ‘ what did you do in summer?’ he replied; ‘ I kept singing during summer. Then the ant retorted Now, dance winter away.

 An idle man is always thinking of something mischievous and destructive. Those who are shirkers become dullards and these dullards mostly end as dropouts and then as they grow up, they become thieves, pickpockets, burglars, and even murderers.

Our mind is like a constantly running stream. It cannot be controlled easily. The best way out is to keep it busy and direct it to some constructive work.

A man who is always busy has no time to think of anything wrong. He kills two birds with one stone. On the one hand, he keeps himself safe from going on any wrong path, and on the other hand, he ultimately reaps the fruit of his hard work.

A student who takes a keen interest in his studies rises to some good position in life. A farmer who pays full attention to his work, reaps a number of crops at the end of the season. A soldier who learns martial arts studiously wins the battle in the long run. A businessman can be successful only if he works steadily and meticulously.

It is rightly said the Rome was not built in a day. So, to completer, any project there is a need for patience and constant, hard it is possible also in the field of life. We can say without any doubt that work is worship.


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