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Essay on “A Rainy Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Rainy Day

It was Sunday and I decided to visit one of my friends. Even during the early hours of the day it was warm. There was no sign of rain as the day temperature was well above 40 C. I had hardly covered half the distance to my friend’s house on my cycle when surprisingly, I noticed a sudden change in the weather.

Just out of nowhere clouds covered the sky and the bright day turned to a cool evening. Within few seconds there were big drops of rain followed by a thick shower. This unexpected changes in the weather created confusion as people ran here and there to take shelter. People at the bus stop moved closely under the shed. Shops were full of surprised people. I was so overjoyed  that I continued to move on and let myself get wet completely.

I saw people standing out in the balcony or roof top of their houses thoroughly enjoying the showers. Children moved out on the streets almost shrieking in laughter. They sailed their paper boats in the flowing rain water. All the dirt from plants and trees was washed off. The grass and leaves on the plants and trees which looked withered in the heart of the summer shone with new life. The wet houses looked as if freshly painted. A few birds sat on feathers. In whole, nature had adorned itself with fresh beauty.

Rains can be troublesome too ! I realized this when I saw all the roads, streets and lanes covered with mud. Water collected in holes and small pools of water appeared everywhere.

I did not stop anywhere. On reaching my friend’s house I found him hanging out on the roof. He shouted happily when he saw me. I joined him and we both laughed at each other’s condition. After some time his mother called us inside and served some delicious snacks. We did not stay indoors for long. We were back on the roof playing and splashing the rain water.

The rain stopped as soon  as it had come. I longed to get back home and change my clothes. I bade my friend good bye and rushed for home. 


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