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Essay on “Knowledge is Power” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Knowledge is Power

4 Best Essay on “Knowledge is Power”

Essay No. 01

The main difference between a  man and an animal is that man has some knowledge but an animal has no knowledge of anything.

Knowledge is the godmother of all discoveries, explorations, and inventions. Mostly man gains knowledge through observation and experimentation: At the first man starts with a certain hypothesis of theory and sometimes even without any premeditation, prerequisite or predetermination. In other words, he embarks upon the negative. Einstein, for instance, was actually not working for discovering the atom when he stepped upon it just by chance. Generated in his mind which led to the discovery of the theory of gravitation were not conceived by him.

All the modern technology which has made certain nations so powerful economically and militarily is all based on knowledge. In countries like the USA research in all fields of science is done on regular basis and that is one of the underlying secrets of her success and matchlessness and invulnerability as a nation in the world, at least not to the extent of a crippling effect.

India has also done great research in certain fields, as for instance, in the fields of information technology and telecommunications and she is now reaping a rich harvest for this.

So, in a nutshell, we shall have to agree to what Bacon said four centuries ago that knowledge is power. All human progress and perhaps even man’s very existence on the globe depends upon his retention and growth of knowledge in various fields for positive and constructive purposes because if knowledge is used for negative purposes it can play have with our life and existence on earth

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Essay No. 02


Knowledge And Power

We humans claim to be at the forefront of knowledge and consider ourselves as having a better understanding of our world and its environs than any other creature. This claim of achievement or superiority may not be totally hollow if we consider the progress we have made as a race so far. But how much of the whole do we really know? How has our knowledge been possible?

We recognize our own existence, and that of our environment, with the aid of our senses. Of the five senses, we have two — those of sight and hearing are the ones that link us with the world around us. It is mainly these two senses, and a brain to control and coordinate them, which enables us to acquire knowledge and understanding about everything. How is it that these senses show such versatility as the vastness of our knowledge and abilities indicate? Are we right in assuming the ability of our senses to the extent we do? Is the knowledge that we have acquired with the help of our senses, reliable and precise? Or is our knowledge misleading? It is difficult to give convincing answers to these questions. It may also be that the answers are not always positive or encouraging. Whatever the answers, they are essentially human; from the viewpoint of humans and for the sake of humans. As they can change, with viewpoint and logic, the answers cannot be considered absolute or eternal.

The reliability of our knowledge is further in doubt because the period for which we have been existing as a race is negligibly brief when compared to the age of the Universe, which may be billions of years. Based on the evidence available until now, our existence as a civilized community, eager and inquisitive for knowledge, has been for about six thousand years. It is difficult to believe that we are capable of having known everything in such a short period. Our knowledge, therefore, may have limitations due to our viewpoints, attitudes, and experiences, none of which may be absolutely reliable. This aspect may be explained by the behavior of celestial bodies as seen from the Earth. If we disregard all the knowledge we have about them, and instead depend solely on observation, it is still possible to believe that the Sun and other heavenly bodies move around the Earth. The belief is so because our viewpoint is on Earth. From elsewhere, the phenomenon will seem different.

Despite its limitations, knowledge is useful to us in a variety of ways. Its importance depends on the way it is used. It has helped, more than anything else, our progress and development, as well as caused changes in our thoughts and attitudes. Knowledge and information, that are capable of clearly and convincingly answering our questions, enable us to be at peace with ourselves and in harmony with our environment.

The confidence and courage that we get from knowledge, are sources of the privilege we enjoy over those who are ignorant. Such privilege and advantage have mixed uses. While some of the uses of knowledge are beneficial to society, others are not. The numerous scientific discoveries we have made so far are responsible for the comfort and conveniences we enjoy. On the other hand, the use of knowledge by unscrupulous people has brought us to ruin. The phenomenon of global colonialism, which lasted until recently, is a typical example of how knowledge can be used as an instrument to achieve power. It was the superior knowledge of the English, French, Dutch, and Spaniards that helped them keep large sections of the people worldwide, under subjugation, for long periods. Though colonialism has long since ended, the superior knowledge of the advanced countries continues to monopolize societies through the avenues of trade and industry. Knowledge has, therefore, helping those who have it dominate others and influence public opinion. Thus, the key question is whether it is possible to ensure that knowledge is always used for the comprehensive benefit of humanity.

Knowledge should be approached with a balanced mentality, with due recognition for its limitations, and due acknowledgment of its advantages. Rather than think of knowledge as a means to dominate others, it should be thought of as a facility to understand reality, as much as possible. Knowledge serves its purpose best if it leads to more knowledge and a better understanding of the absolute truth; if it ensures the peace, stability, and well-being of humanity, rather than be a cause for destruction.

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Essay No. 03

Knowledge is Power

There is a lot of truth in the idiom, “Knowledge is power.” Knowledge truly empowers us. Knowledge helps us make informed decisions. Knowledge is not necessarily gleaned from books in a classroom. It could come from experience, sometimes it can come from just watching other people’s lives. 

We see examples of this idiom everywhere. Whether at work or play it helps to know everything about one’s boss and one’s opponent. Take cricket, for example, it helps the bowler to know Sachin Tendulkar’s weaknesses. If he knows his weaknesses he will be able to capitalize on them. At work, it pays to know about one’s product. If you know your product only then you can sell it. Yes, no sale can happen without knowledge. The history of our civilization has proven that many wars have been won not on the might of the sword but on the might of knowledge. Knowledge gives you an advantage. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing. All that matters is how much knowledge you have.

It is the knowledge that makes a father stop his son from trying to empty the sea into his little sandcastle moat. Lack of knowledge is what makes the youth brash and it is the knowledge that makes the elderly smart. Knowledge is crucial in any business enterprise. In fact, it is so crucial that it is often equated to common sense. The more you know about who and what you are dealing with, the better off you will be.

Staying well-informed is a daily endeavor that requires both diligence and enthusiasm. With everything around us moving so rapidly it’s a challenge to keep up with it, but not to keep up- would be like agreeing to check out. The important thing is to keep learning and assimilating information. You never know when it will come in handy. Donald Trump the legendary investment guru said that if he hadn’t studied foreclosures as a kid he would not have been able to see the great opportunity that led to his first success. So the truth is that any knowledge is power.

With knowledge one’s potential increases. Sometimes people are hesitant to share information as they consider that some advantage can be gained through the use or manipulation of knowledge.

What makes us envy the yogis and spiritual gurus? What makes us bow down in front of them in humility? We know that there is something that makes them different from us. What is different about them??? Knowledge!! Yes, they have knowledge of things we do not. That’s what makes them different. Knowledge has empowered millions of people. The whole mystery behind the magic was unraveled by science. If it wouldn’t have been for scientific knowledge we would still be depending on shamans for cures. The more we learn the more we grow. Knowledge is never wasted. Somehow, someday you will put it to use. Wisdom grows on the strength of knowledge, so we must spend all our lives procuring knowledge.


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Essay No. 04

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is the awareness of a fact or a situation. It is the amassed thought and experience of countless human beings. At the dawn of civilization, the man was at the mercy of Nature. Gradually, he started developing in every field by utilizing his brain. The successful discoveries and inventions encouraged man to contemplate new ideas. He utilized the forces of Nature for his own benefit.

Life became comfortable. His quest for knowledge led him towards development in the field of medicine, surgery, agriculture, information technology, etc. Ignorance is a curse. Education and knowledge are desirable for democracy. Sadly, the man started misusing knowledge with the gap in time. He has created unfavorable conditions for himself. knowledge should be used for peace, prosperity, and growth.

The growth and survival of mankind depend upon knowledge. Man has struggled to know the unknown. He explored land, Water, and space because of his knowledge. Man has made progress in every field.

 At the dawn of civilization, man was at the mercy of nature. He invented tools and weapons for hunting. Verbal communication also developed. He discovered fire and the wheel. These were the initial steps taken by a man by utilizing his brain

Afterward, the man started living in communities. He settled near rivers and adopted agriculture. The settlements soon transformed into villages. Waterways and canals were constructed for irrigation purposes. Surplus grains were stored in granaries to be used later. Scion villages transformed into towns, then provinces and later cities and countries. He discovered new places and things and invented things for his own benefit. The gradual change and development have been made possible by knowledge.

The successful discoveries and inventions encouraged the man to have new ideas. Knowledge gave him the power, confidence, and courage to make life worth living. He began to use the forces of nature for his own benefit. Thus, his life became comfortable.

Knowledge provided man the feelings of strength and power. He could defeat the ignorant and the strong by using his mental powers Ignorance is a curse. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Learned people are efficient, honest, and sincere. Knowledge developed human faculties. It leads to the excellence of the mind.

Education and knowledge are desirable for democracy. Illiteracy and ignorance lead to the failure of democracy. Tolerance understanding and capacity to manage affairs are all blessings of knowledge. There is no end to the gaining of knowledge. It is only the foolish man who thinks that he knows everything.

We should not misuse knowledge. Nuclear power must be used for peaceful and creative purposes. The man should find solution’s to control and check pollution. The conventional sources of energy a depleting at a fast speed. Knowledge should be utilized for, peace and prosperity.


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