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Essay on “Where There is a Will, There is a Way” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

7 Best Essay on “Where there is a Will, there is a Way”

Essay No. 01

“Where there is a will, there is a way” is a familiar and well-known saying. But only a few understand and act upon it. This saying underlines a very vital fact of life. Man is ambitious; he is full of desires. But all of them are not fulfilled, because they lack the force of willpower.

Without determination and strong will, nothing can be achieved. When our desires are mere wishes, they are not likely to be satisfied for there is not perseverance, sustained efforts, and required singleness of purpose at their back. Determination is one of the secrets of success. Why a few succeed and numerous others fail in life. The answer is simple and clear. Those who work hard without any let-up in their efforts are crowned with success, while the others make – not much effort or make half-hearted ones. The not successful people may be likened to a cat who wishes to eat fish but dare riot to wet its feet. Such people are fatalistic, inactive, purposeless, indecisive, and spineless. They lack boldness, determination, and sustained efforts.

God helps those who help themselves. Fate favors only the brave. There is no reason why you should not achieve what you aim at if you try and make efforts wholeheartedly and for a long time. Napoleon believed that an impossible word was to be found only in the dictionary of fools. His life is a living example of what he said, believed, and practiced. There is nothing impossible in the world for a man of steel will-power and unyielding determination. History is full of many examples that illustrate how men and women of iron will be ultimately crowned with success against heavy odds. The legend of Robert Bruce and the Spider is well known. Bruce lost thirteen times in succession to his superior enemy, but he never lost heart. The spider showed him the way. He took heart and defeated his enemy in the fourteenth attempt. He turned what seemed once an impossibility into a sure success and possibility.

Take the example of Maharana Pratap and Shivaji. They are well known in Indian history for their iron will, strong determination, courage, heroism, and patriotism. Rana Pratap fought bravely against such a powerful king as Akbar despite successive seeming defeats but never surrendered in slavery. Such was his will and determination. He had taken a vow to free Mewar and so made determined and sustained efforts in achieving his goal till his last breath. It is not the success that always matters in the ultimate analysis. What actually matters are how have you played the game and not whether you won or lost. Again take the example of Mahatma Gandhi, a frail man but a man of iron will and strong convictions. He won- us freedom through non-violence, satyagraha, and non-cooperation. He used these weapons against so powerful British Imperialism with great determination and willpower that the Britishers had to leave India bag and baggage.

We can see the same iron will in Sardar Patel. He has rightly been called the iron man because he was full of great willpower, determination, and singleness of his purpose of uniting India into one whole, integrated nation. It was the determination and iron will of this iron-man which finally merged all princely states into a unified arid strong India of today.

Will is the main driving force that can take you to your goal. Will means a strong desire which does not know hurdles and impediments. For a man of iron will and undaunted spirit, nothing is impossible; for him, even the sky is not the limit. After every success and achievement, there is a strong will accompanied by unflinching efforts. Whether it is the conquest of Everest or the Moon, the same iron will is behind these achievements. A determined person takes hurdles and difficulties as a challenge and overcomes them by dint of his hard and tireless efforts. Determination is the primary and most important condition of any noteworthy achievement.

History is full of many bright examples to show us how people turned seeming impossible work into a possibility and success. The story of Abraham Lincoln is the story of a man from a log cabin to the Presidential position. Then there are Columbus, Garibaldi, Lenin, Mao Tsetung, and many other luminaries to guide us and teach us how to achieve success and fame by our iron will be accompanied by sustained efforts. If you have an unshakable, resolute will and carry on your efforts as did these great men of history, you, too, are bound to have ‘what you want.


Essay No. 02

Where there is a Will there is a Way

There is nothing impossible in this world; it only wants determination that brings about failures. With a strong will, one can do wonders. The power of human will is extraordinary. At first sight, many tasks may appear impossible of accomplishment and many are frightened away. Only a few have the necessary strength of will to pursue their goal; only they know what it is to struggle towards their ideal.

Occasionally, even very small things like getting up early in the morning, studying for a specified number of hours, keeping to time, writing prompt letters, call for determination and strength of will. Most of us are often tempted to postpone too many things and the result is that we complain we do not have time to do them. In most cases, this is just an excuse.

Many of us are also discouraged by apparent failures. We know the story of Bruce and the spider but we do not have the patience to wait for final results. Quick, if not the immediate result, is what we want. Failure is a stepping stone to success but we wish to keep to success avoiding the steps. There is no shortcut to success and the earlier we realize this, the better it is for us. Great achievements in various fields have been possible because of men who did not mind initial failures. The pioneers who wanted to fly got their limbs broken in their attempts to fly, but this did not prevent their trying again. The result is today we have supersonic planes which can take us from one continent to another in a matter of hours.

Many of us know how to swim or ride a bicycle. When we took the first plunge, maybe we did not like the feel of the cold water; the first fall from the bicycle may have caused bruises. But we did not allow these to stop us from trying again. Probably we failed the second time too, but very soon we mastered the technique and today we do not have any regrets for persisting in our attempts.

Impossible is a world to be found in the dictionary of fools – is what Napoleon, the Great, is reported to have declared. It is good to remember this whenever we feel like giving up. All of us possess willpower. Only some of us use it. The others do not use it and put the blame for their failures on others. This is what we should never do. If we wish to realize our ambition, it is not enough to have one; we should always strive towards it unmindful of the inevitable failures on the way. Where there is a will, there is away.


Essay No. 03


Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Outline: A strong will is what we need to succeed in life — no difficulty is too great for him who has determination — examples of those who have swept away obstacles to become great — only weak-willed complain about difficulties they are unsuccessful through their own fault.

A strong will is what we need to succeed in life. If we are determined to work hard, no task will be too difficult. We will keep on working and struggling in order to succeed.

No difficulty is too great for people who are determined to do things. For example, when our country was under foreign rule, it was a difficult task to fight for independence. Yet men like Gandhiji were determined to fight for freedom. Their strong will and determination helped them to win independence for our country without the use of any weapons. It is a moral strength that helped them to succeed in their work.

There are many instances of people who have attained greatness in spite of being poor and handicapped Abraham Lincoln was born very poor. Yet his determination helped him to educate himself and become the President of the U. S. A. In our own country, we have a similar example of Lal Bahadur Shastri. Hellen Keller managed to become great in spite of the handicaps of blindness, dumbness, and deafness. Great people sweep aside all obstacles in their path and manage to reach their goals.

If people are unsuccessful in life, they have only themselves to blame for their failure. Only those who have weak will complain about difficulties and stop trying to do great things. Difficulties are but stepping-stones to success in the case of strong-willed people. To weak-willed and lazy people, they are stumbling blocks. So success or failure in life depends entirely on the will of man.

Essay No. 04

Where There Is A Will, There is A Way

This proverb stresses the importance of strong willpower. It is strong willpower that makes tough tasks easy. A person of strong willpower can achieve anything in life. Such a person can scale new heights. No obstacle can stand in the way of a person who has courage and determination. Bodily diseases and mental agonies can’t check his march towards his goal. Despite hardships, he does not change his stand. Mountains melt, oceans dry up and clouds disappear before him. A person of firm determination changes dreams into realities. Impossible becomes possible before a man of iron will. On the other hand, a weak-willed person becomes a creature of circumstances. He lacks the courage and determination to do anything worthwhile. It is only through the strong will that great men have left their footprints on the sands of time.

Essay No. 05

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

Where there is a will, there is a way, is a very popular proverb meaning that a person of strong character can achieve whatever he desires. No doubt life is full of difficulties but a person who has a strong determination can overcome all the difficulties and no obstacles can deter him in his way if he has an iron will. The more such a person face failure, the more they become determined to achieve their goal. A man of determination never admits defeat in any circumstance. Sir, Edmund Hillary, the person who climbed Mount Everest, conquered it by his determination in spite of the grave dangers. Even the Emperor of France, Napoleon was a man of determination for he crossed the Alps in winter. A man of strong will overcomes all difficulties.

Essay No. 06

Where there is a Will, there is a Way

Will-Power is the biggest driving force in man. It helps a person to overcome all the difficulties in life. He continues his journey towards his chosen goal. The real essence of life lies in the struggle. A wise man accepts the challenges of life with a calm mind. One should have a firm determination to strive and win. Many great men won success by their strong determination. One can even overcome physical disabilities and social barriers are this spirit that has enabled man to explore the unknown. The achievements of mankind are the products of strong determination and willpower. Patience, commitment, and perseverance yield rich results.

The real essence of life lies in the struggle. Determination helps a person in his goal. They provide him the inspiration to achieve success. A wise man accepts the challenges of life with a cairn and a cool mind. Our ancient scriptures also advocate that one should do one’s duty with determination. One should have a firm determination.

Great men in history won success by their sheer determination. Mahatma Gandhi fought for blacks in South  Africa. His strong willpower helped him to secure independence for India from British rule. Martin Luther brought about radical changes in the USA. Nelson Mandela fought against racial discrimination in South Africa. Abraham Lincoln became the president of the USA because of his strong determination and continuous efforts.

Different people have different objectives in life. Great people in the world could achieve success because of their strong willpower.

Where there is a will, there is away. Even the handicapped could achieve success by their strong willpower. Mozart was deaf, but he composed some of the greatest operas in musical history. John Milton wrote Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained .and other compositions after he became blind.

A patient who has strong determination gets cured earlier than a similar patient with weak willpower. Helen Keller was blind and deaf, but she became an educator of the blind. Louis Braille was also a blind educationist. He introduced the Braille script for the blind and benefitted the blind all over the world. Sudha Chandran has an amputated leg, but with the artificial limb, she became a famous Bharatnatyam dancer. Thus, a person with strong willpower can overcome physical disabilities forgetting his goal.

Man’s strong desire and willpower have discovered unknown lands, valleys, and the depths of the ocean’. It is this spirit that has enabled man to climb peaks like Mount Everest. It is the man who explored space and landed on the moon. Similarly, there have been achievements in the field of- transport, information technology, medicine, engineering, etc. The achievements of mankind are the products of strong determination and willpower.

One should have a positive approach towards one’s goal in life. There are many who undergo despair, failure, and defeat. But their determination to win takes. them forward. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Essay No. 07

Where there is a will, there is a way

A true desire to succeed will help us overcome all problems. The failures that we face in life are due to our inability to make good use of our talents and opportunities. Setbacks and disappointments are common in life, but we should not let them overwhelm us. If we have faith in our abilities and the determination to succeed, no problem will be too difficult for us to overcome. In the past, humanity was threatened by several diseases which seemed unconquerable, but with our collective will and hard work. We have been able, not only to subdue them but also to eradicate them from the globe. Furthermore, many people who suffered physical and mental disabilities overcame the disabilities by their willpower and determination, to lead normal, if not successful lives. Helen Keller’s life is a typical example of such success.

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