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Essay on “Newspaper Reading” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Newspaper Reading

Newspaper reading has become a habit with most of the educated people. Newspapers are now as necessary for a modern man as food, clothing, housing and education. We cannot dispense with the newspapers. The students, the politicians, the businessmen, the unemployed, the men in search of matrimonial alliance, the seeker after pleasure, the artists—all turn the pages of the newspapers. Each and everybody begins his day with at least a quick glance in the newspaper. Even the heads of States have to scan some of their columns to see how the public and the other politicians, etc., think about them and react to their policies. Newspapers are published in all the languages of the world. There are many editions of a newspaper–morning, evening, afternoon, city mail and such other editions.

The advantages of reading a newspaper are many. First of all it provides us with the latest news and information of the city, the country, the neighbouring states and the world. In these days of science and technology, the things move so fast, events take place so quickly and in great number that to keep their track newspaper reading is a must. It helps us to upgrade and update our knowledge by providing news, views, comments, etc., about current problems, burning issues, events, day-to-day happenings, political, economic, scientific and such other developments in the country as well as in the world beyond. Newspapers have become an integral part of our life. Many people cannot relish their morning tea or breakfast unless it is accompanied by newspaper reading.

Newspapers receive news from all the corners of the world. There are various news agencies to supply them with the latest and authentic news. Then the newspapers have, besides their local reporters, the correspondents and representatives in all the important cities and towns of the world. People are news-hungry. They want latest information on every subject which only newspapers can supply. A newspaper is the most popular and the cheapest means to get so much news, information and knowledge. The price of a newspaper is quite negligible in  exchange of so much useful reading material. A newspaper is cheap because a greater part of its production cost is borne by various advertisements published in it.

Newspapers are a watchdog of democracy and human rights. They highlight the wrong doings of the government, expose the corrupt practices of the people in authority, and censure the leaders for their lapses. The detective journalism helps in solving the various crimes such as robbery, murder, scandals, rape, theft, cheating, etc. They help in shaping of the public opinion and also in reflecting it. They are a great means of contact and dialogue between the public and the government. The administration comes to know of public mood, public reaction and opinion only through newspapers about their policies and programmes being implemented. There are letters to the editor in which the readers express their grievances, their opinions and ideas on national and international issues.

The commercial value of a newspaper is by no means less. It helps in keeping the prices in check by giving the rates of various commodities. Then there are quotations of the stock-markets. The businessmen advertise their goods through newspapers which promotes their sales and production. The vacancies notified through the newspapers help the job-seekers to get suitable employment, while the employers can get suitable hands through them. The consumers can reach to the things of their interest through the newspapers. They provide healthy entertainment through interesting stories, articles, poems, cartoons, crossword puzzles, quizzes, etc., published in their various columns. They also give information about movies, theatres, dramatic, musical and dance performances, exhibitions, fairs, sales, charity shows, etc. The sport page is of special interest to sports and games enthusiasts. They feel great excitement, thrill and interest in going through the columns devoted to games and sports. The instructive and educative value of the newspapers is equally great. The students and the scholars find many new ideas, styles of expression, etc., in the literary sections of the newspapers. They can improve their language skills and vocabulary by reading newspapers. Thus, newspaper is a sort of encyclopedia

The editorial views, comments and leading articles are also of great importance to the intellectuals, serious readers and thinkers. These help promote national and emotional integration, patriotism, brotherhood, communal harmony, and removal of untouchability, evils of dowry, separatism, fanaticism, etc., by dissemination of unbiased and factual news and views. The newspapers have brought the nations closer to one another and thus have helped unification of the world to a great extent. Consequently, distances have shrunk and different countries feel concerned with the problems and difficulties of one another. People very aptly remark that the letters of the word NEWS represent the four cardinal directions—North, East, West and South of the world. This interpretation quite rightly underlines the global significance of the newspapers.

Obviously newspapers carry a great weight, importance and power. They have a great responsibility to discharge as a means of mass communication. But if these privileges, powers and authority are abused by the press, it may cause considerable damage and havoc. Therefore, it is the duty of news reporters, journalists, correspondents, etc., to report things without fear or favour. It should also be ensured that newspapers are left free and unfettered so that they may discharge their duties well as a watchdog of democracy and human rights. The essence of democracy is freedom of expression, and that is reflected in the freedom the newspapers enjoy.


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