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Essay on “Influence of Films on Young People” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Influence of Films on Young People


Films are very popular in India. Indian film industry is second to that of America in the world. Hundreds of films are made every year in India in Hindi and other regional languages. They are screened in the cinema halls, telecast on television and then there are their video versions. Films are the cheapest and the most popular means of entertainment. Films are a craze among the young people. They go to cinema halls and view on their T.V. sets these films frequently. But this hobby and habit of viewing films too often has done a great harm than any good to the young people in India, because they are cheap and low in standards. Exceptions there are, but as happens with an exception, they are a few and far between.

Most of the Indian films are formula films produced keeping in mind the box office only. Film-making is purely on commercial lines. They are full of violence, sex, irrelevant songs and spicy dances. They can be easily classed as porn. In most cases they are devoid of reality of life and so show such deviations which are not convincing at all. Full of vulgarity, foreign imitation, sex, cheap romance, catchy and unhealthy songs, etc., their influence on the modem youth is harmful. The young boys and girls imitate the fashions and pseudo-adventures of their heroes and heroines, and sooner than later get into trouble. Full of artificiality, they mislead the people who are obviously immature and inexperienced. The increasing indiscipline, unrest and lawlessness among the modern young men and women can be attributed to a large extent to these films. The rapid increase in the cases of eve-teasing, assault on ladies, etc., is because of the *bad influence of cinema. Our youth is unable to distinguish between real and genuine adventures and cinema stunts. They mistake the stunts and villainy for adventure and then try to put them into practice in real life.

The cinema has ‘a great hold on young generation. But it is not a matter of pleasure, because it has eroded the human and ethical values in them to a great extent. Villainy, unnecessarily fights, bloodshed, gun-battles, murders, rapes, dacoity, stunts, almost naked or half-naked dances are a common feature of these films. The people who write, produce, distribute, show and act in these films are motivated by nothing else but money.

These films have given rise to similar undesirable film magazines and periodicals. They both seem to have colluded to spoil the moral values and ethical behaviour. What can be expected of such films but hypocrisy, trickery, gimmicks, make-believe, deception and fashion.

As a means of mass appeal and communication cinema can play a very strong educative and constructive role. But it has miserably failed in doing so because of imbalance and wrong priorities. The visual impact made by cinema is deep and lasting. As such it can be a significant instrument of public morals, honesty, patriotism, heroism, communal harmony and national integration. It is sad that film makers have been successful to dodge the censor to get their films approved though they hardly deserve it. They are stereotyped being based on love triangle, insipid love tales and formulas. Therefore, their end is a foregone conclusion.

In many cases it has been found that attracted by its glamour, young men and women run away from their homes burning with ambition of becoming a film hero or heroine and ultimately get ruined. At best they succeed in getting very petty jobs in the film line. It is a very sad commentary on the impact and influence of cinema on young minds in India. Film– industry has also given rise to a lot of black and unaccounted money. It is greed which reigns supreme in our film world.

Our censor authorities are also to blame for this sad state of affairs in films. They should be strict and should not issue a certificate of approval when they find a movie is likely to mislead the youth by portrayal of false and artificial situations. They should see that there are not much erotic scenes and scenes of violence, seduction, flirtation, rape, murder, molestation of women, etc. The way the Indian films have used woman and sex is really shameful.  No doubt there are some very good cultural, aesthetic, educational and instructive films. They move the spectators and in right direction. But the number of such films are naught in comparison of the plethora of other trash films based on rotten love and sex formulas and patterns. We must produce good, low-budget art and aesthetic films depicting human values, true adventure and heroism in life like situations.

Films should not only cater to the public taste, but it should also create and improve public taste. Films are a great force, and they can be a means of great good if they maintain a balance between puritan and porn. Indian film industry has a great responsibility to produce good films in the larger interest of the country. If we produce first rate films, it would go a long way in widening public awareness and understanding. Films have a good access to the masses, and therefore can reinforce human values and public morals in such a way as no other medium can do.


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