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Essay on “Unemployment” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes

Essay No. 01


One of the most disturbing problem in India has been the mounting rate of unemployment, both in the rural and urban sectors. In case of rural sector, there has been both educated and industrial unemployment.

Human activities are classified as economic and non- economic. Activities aimed at generating income are termed as economic activities. There activities are classified as business, profession and employment. In order to earn one’s living, it is necessary that every individual should engage himself in either of the economic activities.

Unemployment is a situation where in the persons willing to work fail to find a job that earns them living. Unemployment means lack of employment. In simple way, unemployment means the state of being unemployed. The rate of unemployment varies over a wide range among the different states of India. When a person does not get a full time work, it is called under- employment.    When the productivity and income of a person increase by changing his occupation, he is also known as underemployed.

Unemployment may be categories in – seasonal unemployment , Industrial unemployment, Educational unemployment, Technological unemployment and Disguised unemployment. Agricultural labourers, farmers, workers of sugar mills, rice sellers, cotton ginning units and ice factories are included in seasonal  unemployment. Workers forced to be unemployed due to saving devices are counted in industrial unemployment. Educated unemployment means educated unemployed persons with no job. Technological unemployment refers to person who have been put out of work by the introduction of a superior technology in their idea of operation. Disguised unemployment is a common feature in agriculture where more than required person have been engaged in the cultivation of the same plot. It is a sort of under – employment.

The responsible factor for unemployment in India are – excessive burden of population on cultivation; rapidly increasing population; low productivity in agriculture sector; defective educational system; defective economic planning and large scale production and mechanization. The development of town, cities and industrial centers resulting throwing manual workers out of employment. In villages unemployment is due to lack of cottage industries. Every year Indian Universities produce fifteen lackhs of graduates who are fit only to be clerk and nothing more. Defective system of education is responsible for this. Vocational training is not imparted and practical work is neglected.   

Every country is trying to solve the unemployment problem in her own way. The government should open Technical and vocational colleges and manual labour should be made compulsory. Big factories should be attached to these colleges. More stress is to be given to practical side. Investment in heavy and basic industries and consumer goods industries should be increased to provide more employment with more production. Cottage and small scale industries should be developed. Subsidies and other incentives  should be given to private sector. Modernization and mechanization of  agriculture should be done. Waste lands should be utilized. Rural works programmes should be increased. Means of transport and communication should be developed self – employed persons should be assisted.

Unless this problem is solved, the future of India cannot be bright. There will be no peace and prosperity in the  country if jobless person do not get a proper channel. More attention should be given otherwise this problem can make jobless youths go to wrong direction.


Essay No. 2

The Problem of Unemployment

Unemployment is on the increase and it is the greatest problem that our youth are facing. After they come out of the schools and colleges, what should they do? There are jobs for millions of youth that are pouring out of educational institutions every year. 

Unemployment is a grave problem before our Government planners. They try to provide jobs to more and more people but the demand exceeds far more than the supply. With the exceeding number of educational institutions and growing popularity of education the problem is becoming more and more serious day by day.  

India is basically an agricultural economy. The field of agriculture has not been able to develop to the extent that it would accommodate all the unemployed youth. Our agriculture is still dependent on these very traditional ways of farming and the bit of technology that has entered  the field  has not been able to develop it manifold. Unless agriculture is modernized with latest Scientific methods it cannot provide bread and butter to all the rural youth and they will continue seeking employment otherwise, outside the bounds of their hereditary profession.

Unemployment is a problem connected with the increase in population. The population of this country is increasing by leaps and bounds. All the steps to control growing population will automatically help in solving the problem of unemployment. Problem of educated unemployment is more serious. The youths coming out with high degrees from the educational institutions turn hostile while they are not able to get employed. They come on the road and create a law and order problem. The country has not been able to become so much industrialized as would accommodate the growing number of unemployed youth. Now there is a lot of competition. Only the ablest is absorbed somewhere, the others have to face the wall. There is a lot of pressure on the big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bombay and Bangalore because lot of multinational companies have opened their corporate offices in these cities and they employ youths in a good number, but how much! This cannot solve the grave problem.   

This  is the age of technology and competition. Age of white collar jobs has gone. You have to work very hard to distinguish yourself in your filed then only you can stay or enter otherwise you can be thrown out. The sophisticated machinery has saved lot of manpower and if India has to stand, she has to develop her agriculture and give a deep phillip to the expansion of Industries as there is a lot of scope in this country for all development. Such a big country like India, if planned well and developed in right earnest ahs the capacity not only to accommodate all the unemployed of this country but an equal number more can be absorbed keeping in view the bulk of this country and the natural resources where are available here.  

It is a good saying that India is a rich country inhabited by the poor. The reason. The reason is the poverty, lack of proper planning, corruption and illiteracy. The government has been taking some steps in the right direction as lots of schemes of self- employment have been introduced and the unemployed  youths are provided soft loans to open their own ventures.  Free training programmes for short- term skills are given to the youth who come out of schools and colleges. There are lots of institutes training students in technologies which help them secure jobs in the professional fields. Many new fields generating employments to numerous youths have come up like films and media, fashion and design. More and more fields are coming up but still the problem of unemployed seems alarming. With the growing development of this country it is hoped that the future of India is bright. Almost all the developed countries of the world look towards this country for better market of their goods given the bulk of this country and the scope for its development.  


Essay No. 03 



Unemployment, is enforced idleness of the workforce who are able and willing to work but cannot find jobs. In societies in which most people can earn a living only by working for others, being unable to find a job is a serious problem. Because of its human costs in deprivation and a feeling of rejection and personal failure, the extent of unemployment is widely used as a measure of workers’ welfare. The proportion of workers unemployed also shows how well a nation’s human resources are used and serves as an index of economic activity.

In compiling unemployment statistics for the United States and other developed, countries, an unemployed person is defined as anyone who is capable of working and is actively seeking work but is unable to find a job. Before a person can be unemployed in this sense he must be an active member of the labour force in search of a job. Students and homemakers perform work, but they are not considered employed unless they are paid; however, they are not considered unemployed unless they are actively seeking gainful jobs.

In societies in which a majority of the citizens are able to earn a living by working for others, being unable to locate and obtain a job is a very serious problem. Unemployment is widely used as a measure of workers’ welfare because of the human costs and feelings of rejection and personal failure. The proportion of workers unemployed also shows how well, nation’s human resources are used and serves as an index of economic activity. The civilian labour force comprises the total of all civilians classified as employed or unemployed. The total labour force also includes members of the Armed Forces stationed either in the US or abroad. The unemployment rate represents the number unemployed as a per cent of the civilian labour force. Unemployment can be divided into three types known as frictional, structural, and cyclical. The first form of unemployment is frictional unemployment. Frictional unemployment arises because workers seeking jobs do not find them immediately. While looking for work they are counted as unemployed. This could happen if suppose a person loses a job, perhaps because the work is finished. For example a construction craftsman when the job is finished; or it could happen to an actor or actress when the show closes. It will ordinarily take some time before that person finds another job. But while construction workers and entertainers can ordinarily expect to face this problem from time to time, it is something that can happen to anyone employed. People who are simply between jobs, in this sense, are said to be fractionally unemployed. The amount of frictional unemployment depends on the frequency with which workers change jobs and the time it takes to find new ones. This is a particularly important category, since this category of unemployment can never be eliminated or reduced to zero. Even in the best functioning market economy, there will be some people who are between jobs. However, this type of unemployment could be reduced somewhat by more efficient placement services.

The second form of unemployment is structural unemployment. Structural unemployment arises from an imbalance between the kinds of workers wanted by employers and the kinds of workers looking for jobs. The imbalances may be caused by inadequacy of skills, location, or personal characteristics. Technological developments necessitate new skills in many industries, leaving those workers who have outdated skills without a job. A plant in a declining industry may close down or move to another area, throwing out of work those employees who are unable to unwilling to move. Workers with inadequate education or training and young workers with little or no experience may be unable to get jobs because employers believe that these employees would not produce enough to be worth paying the legal minimum wage or the rate agreed upon with the union. On the other hand, even highly trained workers can be unemployed. This happened in the United States in the early 1970s, when the large numbers of new

with doctoral degrees in physics and mathematics exceeded ceded the number of jobs available in those fields. If employers practice illegal job discrimination against any group, a high unemployment rate for those workers could result even when jobs are plentiful. Structural unemployment shows up most prominently in some cities, P i in some occupations or industries, for those with below average education, and for some other groups in the labour force.

The third kind of unemployment is cyclic unemployment. It happens in an agricultural country like India where every year a sizable number of people loss their work due to non-availability of work in agricultural fields or in the factories which are depended on the agricultural products, like sugarcane.


Essay No. 04



Our country is said to be progressing by leaps and bounds in the matter of economy. But this progress is so lopsided that the net result has been the sharp increase in the number of the unemployed people.

At present we have hordes of unemployed young men and women of every kind and in all fields. We have both educated and uneducated unemployed people. We have skilled and unskilled unemployed youth. We have unemployed people both in urban and rural areas. Even degree holders such as engineers and MBAs are unemployed, not to speak of simple graduates in humanities, sciences and commerce.

Our universities are producing so many graduates all of whom the industry and other institutions cannot absorb. Many young people who can afford are trying to find jobs overseas. That also results in brain drain on a colossal scale.

There should be some planning in the matter of producing skilled and highly qualified graduates and post-graduates in various disciplines. It should be correlated to the necessity or possibility of job creation. It is now almost certain that agriculture in our country is not able to absorb many more workers, skilled or others. The main remedy lies in rapid industrialisation. It is heartening to note that many new courses are being started by our universities and other institutions like IIT’s, ITIs, etc. Another positive factor is the large number of scientifically skilled people in our country who have the capacity and capability to absorb and grasp all the new research that is being made in various fields in the world. However, the unemployed people want concrete results and not mere policies.

The policy of reservation is also responsible to a great extent in the matter of unemployment. Similarly, corruption and nepotism have also accentuated the problem. Let the government and all others concerned with this topic do their best to overcome this problem.



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