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Essay on “India ‘s Population Problem” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India ‘s Population Problem

Of all the present problem that most dangerous is the population problem. Here there is population explosion. The economists’ estimate about population is very discouraging. According to them, India’s population is multiplying very rapidly. If this population continues increasing at this high rate, it will be about 9013 millions at the 20th century. The situation would be of more explosive than that created by atom bombs.

There are many factors, responsible for the rapid growth of population in our country. First, India is a poor country. Naturally the people who life in India,  will be poor. Some say that they do not have sufficient means of recreation. The farmers and villagers, who work hard from morning till evening, are not able to get recreation at night. Naturally they indulge in sex. No doubt in cities and towns there are so many means of recreation- even then they indulge in sex. This proves to us that it is the low  standard of living among the people that drags them into reproducing their kind.

Secondly, social customs are responsible to make this problem serious. In our society marriage is regarded a necessity. An unmarried man or a childless person is respected nowhere. Early marriages are also responsible for the growth of population.

Thirdly, a large number of population is uneducated. So they do not understand the importance of family planning. Even the educated persons have very little knowledge of sex , as no education of sex given to our student in colleges and schools.

In the rural areas there is a family planning Centre on every eighty thousands population there is one mobile Unit. Various contraceptives and other facilities are provided.

Family planning is being encouraged. Posters connected with family planning are seen on walls, buses etc. propaganda is made through newspapers, radio , films and Television.

However, the progress in the field is very slow. While the population is increasing very rapidly. It is not only the duty of the government to make plans and schemes but the people should also feel the seriousness of the problem. They should co-operate with the Government. They should make it their holy duty to exercise some control over it.

If a certain standard of life is to be maintained, there should be a control on the number of members in the family. We should adopt certain measures to check the growth of population. Birth control is one measure among others that is suggested to attain this restriction on the number of the family members. It is a matter of great satisfaction  that the people of our country are realizing the importance of family planning. Our government is fully alive to solve this problem. A number of Family Planning Centers have been started all over the country. Birth control appliances  have been freely distributed from these centres to the people. Persons should be taught the value of value of family planning. Marriage age should be raised. Sex education should   be imparted in all the colleges and schools.

Once our late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi had said “With our limited resource we must ensure that in every home every child is a wanted child and has the rightful share of health , education and employment.

The whole case of population is a complex one. But there seems to be an awakening about over – population everywhere. By the rise in the standard of living and spread of education among both sexes,  the growth of population will be controlled. The best method of controlling the growth is the self control. We hope that in the near future this problem will be solved.


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