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Essay on “The VIP Culture in India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The VIP Culture in India

India it seems is rather obsessed with its so-called huge team of VIPs which has taken a toll of India’s resources to a very great extent. It is the typical Indian psyche that gives such an enormous value to its VIPs. It is however a pity that, in a country as large as India, with its vast population the VIPs should hold so much clout that, the rest of the human sea of common mass appears to be absolutely non-existent. 

Throughout the world the VIP is someone who may be more than the average common man but, in India the common man exists only to serve and give to the VIP. Throughout the world the common man has an existence while in India it appears that only the VIP exists, and the rest of the population is only there to help the VIP to remain so. The VIP is the only existing mortal while the common man is only a lesser mortal not even meant to be looked at, leave alone, to be looked after.

The Indian VIP syndrome is catching up to an extreme point as, the very attitude of the entire country is just to look after the VIPs. Their areas must be spotlessly clean, never mind about the living conditions of the rest of the living ’6} beings. The VIP areas must get uninterrupted electricity V supply, they must get twenty four hour water supply never mind about the rest of the commoners. The VIP can spend any amount for his personal health, where is the need to look after the health of the lesser mortals that live in India? The lesser beings are after all born to die. As for housing, the VIP must get bungalows, never mind if the rest of our people live and die on the streets. All these items are essentials for all human beings but never mind, since we never have anything in plenty, we must first cater to the needs of the VIPs, secondly look after the VIPs, and lastly care for our VIPs the rest of the Indian population can fend for itself. All this is however not enough. for the near starving country like India, an Indian VIP he/ she needs security from the lesser Indians, who cares if the lesser mortals are in danger from criminals, dacoits, thieves, terrorists. The VIPs must get all the security, and especially when this security is at the cost of the poorer beings the country’s depleted exchequer.

VIPs exist everywhere in the world but nowhere is it to be found at this ridiculous pitch. It is only this poor country of India which has teaming millions of hungry and naked masses that also has teaming VIPs taking advantage of the poverty. It is only India that takes such expensive care of its VIPs. Crores of public money is spent on their security, health, and rendezvous with foreign friends; and the best of it all is that, not a finger can be raised against all this affluence of a poor country because after all, they are our revered VIPs.

This is, in my opinion a colossal waste of public money of a poor country like India. The money that India spends in saving and pampering our VIP could be better spent on the teaming millions of the poor of the country but NO we have a VIP mania and no matter what happens and no matter what it costs to the country, the VIPs will remain a class apart not due to any of their great contributions to the country or their individual capabilities but because of their capacities to waste public funds for their own growth, and their own cherished selves.


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