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Essay on “National Calamities” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

National Calamities

National Calamities are those calamities which often occur everywhere in the world when God’s fury shows up in different ways. In any National Calamity, nature’s elements appear to get completely out of control and show their anger on man and his world, and the result is disaster for man, and his property. 

Mother shows its wrath on man by a variety of means, they being earthquakes, volcanoes. Water shows anger by means of floods and wind comes in all its glory by way of a tornado. Thus we see that, each element of nature which helps man in his survival, also shows its wrath in different ways, and the result of each is disaster of some magnitude, big or small. In these ways the elements destroy unaccounted man and material, and depict to man in no ambiguous terms that, nature does not like to be misused or over strained. Besides, it is these tragedies that also show man how helpless he still is, in these days of technological advancement. These happenings are called natural calamities because they show man that though he is quite advanced on the path of controlling nature and capturing it. Nature is still ahead of man. It gives a befitting reply to man for his highhandedness from time to time. Even with the most sophisticated mechanical devices, man is still far behind his target of taming nature. 

Man has no hand in these calamities but, if he is a little more alert and careful and foresees the event, he can help in at least minimizing the losses. On an earthquake and a volcano, man has absolutely no control, and there is also no way by which man can foresee the occurrence. It is only flood that man can predict and take adequate precaution.

The making of bridges and dams would obviously decrease the losses that floods cause, and the water will also be utilised when required. With regard to a tornado also, man can to some extent visualise the havoc it may create as the winds, their direction and velocity can be assessed fairly accurately well before the event. When a flood or a tornado is expected, the villages and small settlements near the approach of these can be evacuated well in time, and lives of men and cattle and property be saved. 

Though man has truly achieved a lot of headway in saving himself from the wrath of these elements of nature, they can never be completely controlled and dismissed as nonexistent. This reality man should clearly understand and at least to some extent give in to nature by not disturbing it. To a great extent man has succeeded in warding off the hazards of these calamities but it is loud and clear for man to understand that, the unseen hand can still slap some tragedies on man’ s earth by means of some unforeseen disasters.


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