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Essay on “The Indian Budget” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Indian Budget

The budget is an annual exercise, which shows the  people at large, the earnings, and the expenditures of the country in the past financial year. The financial year of India is from 1st  April of one year to the 31st  of March of the next year. This exercise is, mainly for the Government to analyse what it saved, what it spent through the year gone by.

With this annual exercise, the Government is supposed to understand where it faulted, how it could reduce the expenditure or increase its income. The Government is also supposed to evaluate as to which spheres require more funds and which can be curtailed, in order to strike a balance in growth. This is in a nutshell, What the common man understands by the budget. The common man also at times does respond positively or negatively to certain points of the budget due to which at times the Government is forced to make some amends in it.

What the common man feels that, at least we in India learn very little if at all, or nothing from our past experiences. Every year the story the complaints, and the protests are much the same. Every year the prices are seen to be soaring but we, the common Indian does agitate. At the same time he has learnt that every year the new budget will bring in new hardships, and he will also be seen accommodating with all that comes. The common man continues to suffer at the end of every budget but the politician and the higher rungs of the bureaucracy lend a deaf ear to all that happens to the common man. The people who matter are continuously improving their lives and living styles and the common man keeps on reeling in pain.

Every year there are lectures galore on cutting the costs on the Government establishments, cutting security costs, cutting perks of politicians and senior bureaucrats but, after a lot of noise everything ends in a hush and nothing happens. Everything remains the same year after year, on an as is where is basis. No change is ever noticed in the curtailment of wasteful expenditures of people who matter, for, they are there not to serve the common man but to see that he is annihilated.

With the high sounding talk of ’Garibi Hatao‘, anti-poor slogans etc. the poor commoner is being taken for a ride every year and then is left baseless to be dumped in insecurity and inhuman living conditions, to wait for the next budget to do him some good. The common man in India in reality exists only to vote and make VIPs, budgets come and budgets go, making NO yes NO impact on the common man. Every year a lot is discussed and debated about the year’s budget, and how far it is friendly to the masses. Schemes are made for the poor, but, on the ground the real impact is that the prices keep on rising to dizzy heights.

The common man in all reality does not understand the technicalities of the budget making or the budget but he only feels the jolt when he has to pay more for everything he consumes. Then only he understands that he has to cut further on items that can be dispensed with. He, the common man has in India at least understood that he has to cut his coat according to the cloth in his possession. This attitude of the poor commoner in India only makes him continue adjusting to every new budget. That is all what the budget means for the poor illiterate Indian populace. It is just like a fairy like drama every year; a topic for discussions for a month or two and then all is back on the ‘ rails of finding it difficult to make two ends meet. It is not only the below poverty line population that suffers, but, to some extent even the lower middle class and the upper middle class also feel the impact of the annual budget. T he salaried people however get a shock treatment every year in March but, their capacity to absorb shocks is so great that all inflation and all new problems created by every consecutive budget get absorbed and life continues. This is the sum total of what the budget means for the common Indian.


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