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Essay on “The Value of Rain” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Value of Rain

Rain is caused by clouds, as everybody knows. Clouds are just vapours of water that arise from seas, oceans, lakes and other reservoirs of water. In the seas and oceans water is received through rivers that emerge from high snow-capped mountains. Thus, it is a circle which replenishes itself constantly.

However, clouds rain only when they strike against a mountain or get cooled and thus become heavy enough to fall in the form of rain drops.

It is clear that the cooling down of clouds is the prerequisite to enable the clouds to rain. This cooling may be caused in several ways, the most prominent among which may be the presence of forests or trees in a large number in a region. It is, thus, no miracle that it often rains more heavily and more frequently in areas where there are thick and dense forests that cause the cooling of atmosphere over them.

This in itself means that forests are of utmost importance to us just as the rain is. It is the rain which sustains our crops without which we cannot exist. Thus, plants of all kinds need rain.

Rain is essential to keep the water-level intact. If the water-level goes down abnormally, we can face the problem of drinking water and water for irrigational purposes.

Rain also maintains proper level in our dams and lakes and water tanks. It is important for us to harness the rain water in tanks, reservoirs, etc. Otherwise, it would go waste and flow down to seas or it may cause floods.


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