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Paragraph on “The Value of Travelling” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The Value of Travelling

The practice of travelling is as old as man himself. In earliest times, people used to go on pilgrimages for religious purposes. Such pilgrimages were multifaceted in nature. On the one hand the pilgrims got peace of mind and satisfaction of heart. On the other hand, they got a great opportunity for recreation and sight-seeing through devotional means. There was sometimes a spirit of adventure also involved in these pilgrimages as the people had to go on foot or on horseback or in carts.

Some people had other purposes to travel. Conquerors such as Alexander, Changez Khan, Napoleon, etc. travelled to conquer lands. Warriors like Tirnur, Mahmood Ghaznavi, etc. had the idea of plunder in mind.

There were then travellers like Marco Polo, Hiuen Tsang, Fabian, Megasthnese, etc. who travelled to gain new knowledge. Some travellers and voyagers like Columbus, Vasco da Gama, etc. travelled to discover new lands.

In the modern age, people travel for many reasons. Some travel to gain more knowledge about other countries and the people who live there. Some go there for educational, employment or business purposes. The idea of pilgrimages is still there. But now travel having become easier and less hazardous, the real spirit of devotion has got somewhat diluted.

There are now several cultural and business exchanges between different countries. Indeed, political, economic and social and cultural aims have got blended in the modern world at different levels. Tourism is a flourishing business these days and has got closely linked with travelling.

The reality is that howsoever one may study in books, one cannot gain that real knowledge as one can get by being face to face with other people and by seeing the things with one’s own eyes. In fact, visual effect of the firsthand experience is always greater and more lasting than any of gathering and learning second hand experience.


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