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Essay on “Better Alone Than in Bad Company” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Better Alone Than in Bad Company

Essay  No. 01

It need not be stressed here that man is a social animal and that he cannot live without some sort of company. It is rightly said that one who can live without company cannot be a human being. He must be either an animal or a divine being.

All such reflections may be based on stark realities of life. But it is also possible that these may be just philosophical musings. The fact that sometimes circumstances take such a turn in man’s life that he has to shun all company and live a secluded life. Certainly, a hermit or a recluse who leads a cloistered life cannot be termed as an insane person. Many of our great philosophers, saints, seers and wise men have, indeed, risen from ashrams and ‘maths’ where they could get ample time for brooding over various intricate philosophical questions and riddles of life.

In life sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by cheats, thugs, swindlers, terrorists, fanatics and other such and-social elements such that we feel that we could do better than live and work among such people. It is said that a single black sheep infests the whole flock. So, we don’t want to get infested and infected while living and working among such people.

In such circumstances, if we are honest and thus want to lead a segregated life and steer our own course of life, there should be nothing wrong with such a compulsive decision.

Essay  No. 02

Better Alone Than A Bad Company


This saying warns us against bad company. It means it is better to live alone than be in a bad company. Just as a rotten apple spoils the whole lot of apples, similarly bad company spoils all the friends. Bad company is infectious just as bad habits are. Bad company is a source of fun and laughter though for a short time. Good company does not yield immediate results. They can’t be easily learnt. Therefore bad company is more tempting than good company. The best remedy to avoid bad company is to resist its temptation firmly. We should keep bad company at an arm’s length. However there are people who believe that bad company gives us education and makes us wise. In bad company we come to know what is bad, what one should do and what one should not do. But it depends on each individual how strong his determination is. In bad company too we can retain our goodness just as a lotus flower remains pure even in mud.


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