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Essay on “The Person I Dislike Most” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Person I Dislike Most


My Neighbour

We like some persons. We like someone the most. Similarly, the person I dislike the most is my next-door neighbour. He is Mr. Lal. He is an unmarried man of thirty-five. He is very smart, so people easily believe him. But he is a scoundrel. He borrows money from people on one excuse or the other. He never returns it.

People enquire about him to get their money back. He uses abusive language whenever he is troubles by them. There is always a row. He is a lover of music. He switches on the radio or the cassette recorder. He does not bother about the inconvenience he causes to his neighbours. He causes a lot of disturbance to me and other students of the neighbourhood. We are unable to pursue our studies during examination days. Old and sick people also complain of sleeplessness- ness but he pays no heed to their requests.

He throws his garbage in front of our house. We requested him several times but to no effect. He is quite inconsiderate. He is a liar. He picks up quarrels at the slightest excuse. People do not like to talk to him.

He is disliked by almost everyone in our locality. A few neighbours sold their houses and started living elsewhere far away from this rogue.

My parents have been looking for a house in some other area to get rid of Mr Lal. May good sense prevail upon him! But it is only a wishful thinking. He is an incorrigible (one who cannot be corrected) man. I don’t know when we shall be able to find a house elsewhere and live in peace and comfort.


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