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Essay on “A Bus Driver” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Bus Driver

All of us are familiar with a bus driver who drives a bus for us. He is usually active and alert. He has keen eyes. He drives carefully to avoid accidents.

He helps people reach places of their work of destinations. He does a useful public service. He has to ply the bus on time. People wait for the bus to catch trains or other buses.

A bus driver’s life is very tiresome and hard. He drives the bus for long hours. He often sleeps late if he drives till late at night. If he is on an interstate route, he has to sleep in the bus staying away from his family and home. The job of a bus driver is very difficult. He has to be vigilant while plying the bus on the busy roads of the city. He must have the vehicle in good order. He has to check its brakes, tyres etc. He must be careful not to hit stray animals or small children moving or running on roads.

There are bad bus drivers also. They earn a bad name for all the drivers. Usually, a bus driver is a cheerful person. He is generally polite and considerate. He has a driving license with him. Sometimes he is challenged for rash or negligent driving. Bus drivers are very few. They imperil the life of their passengers. The bus driver of a school bus has to be over-cautions. Anyway, the job of a bus driver is very hard and tiring. A driver should not be a drug addict. He must observe traffic rules.


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