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Essay on “The New Pattern of Education: 10 + 2 + 3” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The New Pattern of Education: 10 + 2 + 3

Lord Macaulay introduced a system of education which produced clerks for running the administration at low cost. Education was to be given on the pattern of Western system which was based on English language and culture. Thus that system of education cannot satisfy our needs of the free Indian Society. We find the army of educated unemployed everywhere. The country cannot provide so many jobs to cope with the problem of unemployment.” Thus, India needed a new pattern of education and for that purpose an Education Commission was formed. It pointed out to the Government of India that the whole system of education was defective. It suggested that the students must be given professional training in schools so that they might be able to set-up their own small-scale industries or businesses after completing their school stage. This pattern of education is called the 10 + 2 + 3 Pattern of Education. This system of education was adopted on the advice of the Central Board of Education and other such institutions as cater to the educational needs of the students in the country. Hence, this system was introduced in many States in 1975 and has been functioning well.

According to this system, a student will require 15 years to become a Graduate instead of 14 years hitherto. Greater emphasis has been laid on the vocational aspect and those students who cannot show brilliant results may stop studying further and start their own small-scale businesses.

Under this system, the vocational training is necessary for an hour in every school, but the craft-teachers have to impart this training within one hour only to a big class consisting of at least 40 students.

This system has been introduced in Delhi and many other States. But there are many difficulties that have to be faced in making this plan a success. Well equipped school workshops require a lot of money and experienced teachers. There are thousands of privately managed schools. They cannot manage their institutions well. To cater to the requirements of this costly system of education is impossible for them.

Moreover, the selection of subjects for the various jobs or professionals is confusing and the burden of teaching all those subjects becomes too heavy. The students have already got many text-books. They cannot cope with the burdensome job because they cannot be expected to grasp so much within so short a time. The result cannot hold for us a bright prospect, as most of the students may not be able to gain much. No teacher can devote so much time to enable a student to gain enough experience in such workshops.

As a result of these difficulties, many educationists have already expressed their opinions to do away with this system. Late Shri Morarji Desai, the former Prime Minister of India also spoke that this new system of education was an additional burden on the students and they would lose more and gain less. Government should direct the experts to think over the whole problem once again. Accordingly, the whole system of education is under review and it may be changed to some extent in the near future.

The only silver-lining in this system is that the students get training in the arts that they want to learn. Only the brilliant section of student community may look forward to opt for higher studies. Thus the national waste will be saved. Our country needs technical hands and this system may turn out a large number of such people who may bring prosperity to the nation in the long run. Many new courses like G.I.C., Electronics, Travels and Tourism, and Stenography have been introduced in many schools. However, no provision has so far been made to send trained teachers there. Therefore, the students who seek admission in these courses have to discontinue them in despair in the middle of the duration.


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