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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “If I Get a Lottery” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

If I Get a Lottery

Born of poor parents and having lived a life of hard work, can I ever dream of getting a lottery? I have purchased till this day a large number of tickets, but all these tickets proved out to be useless. Unluckily, I could not get even a single penny out of all these tickets.

I have recently purchased a ticket. Ever since then, I sometimes dream of getting the first prize. If fortune fovours me and I become a millionaire overnight, I should utilize this money for certain cosmopolitan purposes. I have got many ambitions.

I wish to set up a number of cottage industries and to employ some poor people. These industries will flourish one day and then I will establish a factory manufacturing finished metallic goods. I may earn more and more money in this way and that will help me grow richer and richer.

But I have got many other noble schemes in my mind too. I will open an orphanage and there I will donate at least Rs. 5,000 per annum and will ask others to donate like amount. Thus the orphans will be able to live comfortably. Furthermore, I wish to erect a temple nearby. A temple serves the spiritual needs of the community. The temple will be constructed with a sum of Rs. 1,00,000 at least. I will set apart that amount if the lottery amount is substantially bigger.

Now I am a poor person but about tomorrow I don’t know what may be in store for me. Anyhow God is gracious. He may definitely bestow. His grace upon me and thus I may wake to find myself a millionaire. I have got a big plan of donating a substantial sum of money for the benefit of poor persons.

I wish to open a nursery school where free education will be given to the tiny tots. I wish to give them education in country’s culture. I wish to make them ideal students, who should serve their motherland when they grow into youthful age.

Furthermore, I wish to build new sources of income by investing the sum thus obtained. If the lottery amount is substantial then I will invest the lion’s share of it into various schemes of producing wealth. I may purchase a farm and thus employ persons to produce wheat and other cereals. The income will be directed towards new channels of business and humanitarian works.

Lord Krishna says in the Bhagwad Gita that we should not use every penny earned for our own sake, but help the poor with a part of the earned income. I love my country and wish to create ideal citizens who should serve our motherland with zest and zeal.

India needs such people badly as should help eradicate poverty. I will set an example that all the money that I get won’t be used for my personal ends and a sizable part of it will go to the other channels. These other channels will be meant to help the poor people of our neighbourhood. If the number of such selfless workers grows in the country, there won’t be any dearth of money for eradicating poverty. Our economy needs selfless workers who may suffer so that the country may live. These people have to make sacrifices for their fellow beings. Our country will turn into heaven if the number of such selfless workers grows and they come out to serve their motherland.

Thus, many such schemes are striking my mind. But I wonder if at all I’ll be able to get a lottery so that I may be able to embark, upon such schemes of social welfare. Destiny has been playing jokes with me. If the Goddess of Destiny helps me and I get the First Prize, I promise that I’ll definitely come forward to implement the schemes that have been emerging in my mind since long.

I shall pray to the Goddess of Destiny to take pity on my poverty stricken condition and enable me to get the first prize.

I am anxiously waiting for the date of the Final Draw of Lottery. The First Prize is Rs. 10,00,000. What a big amount it is!


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