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Essay on “Television Modern Science Bless” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Television Modern Science Bless

Television is one of the greatest blessings of modern science. It is an important means of recreation and entertainment. It is the most suitable medium of mass communication and education, a powerful means of propaganda and the formation of public opinion, in imparting of family planning education, in eradicating social evils. It is an important means of national unity and integration.       

Radio broadcasting started in India in 1927 when India was slave. But India’s first television centre came into being on August 15,1959 as a pilot project. At the beginning an hour twice a week experimental service was organized as a part of service started from Delhi. After this, a number of television centres were established at Mumbai, Srinagar, Jalandhar, Calcutta, Chennai and Lucknow. In 1976 , a separate status and name “ Doordarshan” was given.   

August 15, 1982 saw another landmark in the history of Television when colour television was introduced in India. After INSAT-1A common national programmes were started for the entire network to extend its services to backward and rural areas. Now Doordarshan has grown into one of the biggest television network in the world. Through 700 transmitters, television has covered about 85% per cent of India’s Population.     

A common ‘ National  Programme’ is telecast from Delhi. Its aim is to foster social, economic and cultural awareness promoting the spirit of national unity. From January 1976, commercial programmes are introduced. In September 1984, Channel II of Doordarshan was started in Delhi. Mumbai followed it in May 1985. Now Chennai and Calcutta also have second Channel. For progress of regional culture  and language Regional Language Channels were started. Doordarshan – India, the international Channel was operated from 1995. It is reaching about 50 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Television is a good servant and a bad – master. It is like a double – edged sword. If rightly used, this medium can bring a silent constructive revolution. At present, in comparison of cinema the Television is a step ahead. Cinema is an outdoor entertainment totally cut off from home- environment. But television is indoor, comfortable, better, relax able  entertainment with Television we can look after other home works, kitchen series with cheap and money saving, time saving object. Television gives entertainment at own place at own time with our comfortable posture of  our body.

Every coin has its two sides so is the case of Television. It may be a boon as well as a curse. No doubt it is a boon- a good means of entertainment at our convenient time. We can have prgrammes of our choice. But children miss their home work. Besides it eyes and ears are affected.

At the end, we recollect the saying, “Excess of everything is bad.” Television is not a bad instrument. It depends of the users of Television. It throws a great responsibility on visitors as well as programme makers. Televisions is a cheap and beneficial means of creating all round development of the individual as well as the county or society because it has been hard to afford the cinema show expenses.


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