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Essay on “Student Unrest” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Student Unrest


5 Best Essays on ” Student Unrest”

Essay No. 01

Student unrest is one of the problems of the day. The problem, however, cannot be analyzed properly unless we view it in the larger context of general unrest and discontentment in the country. As the things are, there is growing dissatisfaction everywhere. Prices are soaring and the burden of taxation is growing heavier. Corruption is rampant everywhere. Academic institutions are no exception to it these have polluted the student’s minds and created unrest in their hearts. Growing frustration is the root cause of student’s unrest. An average student has nothing but frustration in store for him, especially in the matter of employment. He joins one or the other course of study without any definite aim of his life, so he is frustrated.

Political exploitation is another cause of student unrest. The vested interests in all political parties try to use the force of students for their personal ends. They patronize the student leaders in times of their union elections and ultimately use the academic atmosphere. They often instigate the students to indulge in anti-social and subversive activities.

The teacher-taught relationship has undergone tremendous change in recent years. Materialism has stuck deep roots in our thoughts and our teachers are more concerned about their own prospects than about those of their students. As a result, the student feels let down and confused, unable to find anyone to give him proper guidance. Maladministration of academic institutions is also responsible for indiscipline among students. The uncertainty of the future caused by unemployment instigates the students to indulge in anti-social and subversive activities.

We cannot neglect the effects of mass media on students. With the fast-developing means of communication the world is coming closer day by day and the developments in one corner of the globe do not fail to affect others. If a student-led revolution takes place in some countries, their actions will naturally influence their counterparts in India. Students have been at the forefront in bringing about political upheavals in different parts of the world, no wonder; the Indian students feel they can do something similar here too.

Student unrest is a social problem. It is to be tackled by responsible leaders and public-spirited men of society. The important remedy to the problem is that efforts should be made to increase opportunities for employment and education should be, as such, geared towards more of the professional career than mere academic pursuits. The academic environment should be improved and closer parent-teacher contact assure. The energies of the students should de-channelized towards a purposeful life. It should be a combined effort of educationists, parents, and leaders.


Essay No. 02


Student Unrest


The student unrest in India is on the increase. Day by day it is assuming dangerous proportions. It is a very serious problem and concerns all of the Indians. The students of today are the responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow. They are the very future -of the country. They often go on strikes, indulge in violence, and start agitation on one pretext or another. They are indisciplined and observe no rules. They do not study seriously. They disrespect their teachers and parents and indulge in all sorts of undesirable activities.

Copying in the examinations, traveling without tickets in trains and buses, eve-teasing, stealing of books and magazines from the libraries, writing obscene things on the walls of lavatories, boycotting -of classes and tests, drug-addiction, lack of punctuality are some of the major symptoms of this fell disease. This unrest is not confined to any particular area, university, or state. It is common and widespread. The students do not hesitate even in clashing with the police and damaging public property.

No doubt, it is an age of science and political awareness, but it never means that modern youth can take law into their hands. Spirit of adventure is totally a different thing and vandalism `and revolt are altogether different. One has no connection with the other. In the name of adventure and modernism, lawlessness should not be allowed. But students alone are not to blame for this deep-rooted malaise. We all are directly or indirectly responsible for the present sorry state of affairs. We will have to go deep into the causes, and then attempt in right earnest to remove them. We must analyze dispassionately the reasons for unrest, indiscipline, suffocation, and frustration among the student community in India before we can eradicate them.

The main cause of student unrest is widespread unemployment, frustration, erosion of human and ethical values, lack of right leadership, corruption, the uncertain future before them, and injection of politics in the institutions of learning and education. Student unrest is a complex and deep-rooted disease and has many causes at its root, but the above factors are too obvious.

Unemployment and frustration go together. As a result of unemployment and an uncertain future, the students do not take interest in their studies, and consequently, the standards have fallen very low. Even intelligent students find it very difficult to find suitable jobs after completion of their degree and diploma courses. In giving employment the concerned authorities do not give due consideration to qualification and merit. Instead, money, recommendation, and caste factors are more important for them. Coupled with nepotism, these factors have caused a deep sense of frustration, revolt, and unhappiness among the students. Therefore, no wonder if the modern youth feels frustrated discriminated against, cheated, suffocated, and oppressed.

Our present politicians are more or less an unethical lot. They exploit the students for their selfish ends. They involve the students in all sorts of agitations which generally degenerate into violence, arson, and bloodshed. Teachers, Professors, and vice-chancellors are appointed not because they are eminent persons in education, learning, and wisdom, but because they become instrumental in serving the interest of certain political persons and parties. In the absence of an ideal and proper leadership, the students are easily misled. They have no idea and authority to follow, and so feel lost, rootless and restless. Because lack of proper vocational guidance and political leadership, they suffer from indecision, orientation, and vision. They find themselves Roping in utter darkness and hopelessness. From such unfortunate people, though full of so much youth and energy, what good can be expected.

The present system of education can hardly fulfill the aspiration of the students. The classes are overcrowded. There is no personal contact between a teacher and a student. The college and university authorities are indifferent to the genuine demands and problems of the students. Their grievances are not redressed. Such a callous and indifferent attitude of the people in authority forces the students to take resort to violence, agitation, and such means which have no legal sanction. In the prevailing moral and intellectual vacuum, the students are bound to become frustrated with themselves and their teachers and parents. In such circumstances, no wonder if they turn violent, undisciplined, dishonest, and unruly. Then they give vent to their pent-up feelings in defying authority and law and become rebellious. Thus, student unrest is a chain reaction to all these nasty factors.

To eradicate this unrest among the students, it is necessary that we consider their problems sympathetically and remove them one by one. Their energies and intellect should be fully and properly utilized. They should be kept busy in games, sports, and cultural and social activities besides studies. The system of education should be changed and made relevant to the changed circumstances of a free and democratic India. The teachers should be morally and intellectually as inspire confidence among students. There should be no political interference in the affairs of these temples of learning. There should be a code of conduct for teachers, professors, and administrators in the institutions of learning. If the students are not involved in creative and educational activities, they are bound to be led astray. We should give purpose and meaning to their life and education, instead of leaving them to grope in the darkness of indecision, frustration, and aimlessness. The problem can be solved to a great extent if handled carefully and sympathetically.


Essay No. 03


Students and Unrest

Outline: Today students have lost the sense of discipline – no real education is possible without discipline – students must be taught to be disciplined -students must be kept busy by educational institutions – boredom – educational reforms.

Nowadays one hears of nothing but student indiscipline. If we open the daily newspapers we read about students going on strike and even indulging in arson and acts of violence. All this shows that today we have lost the sense of discipline.

Students must realize that without discipline no real education is possible. The first school of discipline should be the home. The child spends the greater part of their life at home. Only five or six hours a day are spent in school. Hence the seeds – of discipline need to be sown in the home by parents who are the child’s first teachers. If parents neglect their duty in disciplining a child, and allow it to have its own way in everything, they will create problems for teachers and for society at large. Children who come from homes that instill a sense of discipline are a credit to their parents and to the community. Children who are not disciplined grow up to be wild and lawless and a disgrace to the community.

Students must be taught to be disciplined by making them work hard and take an interest in constructive activities like social service. Every student must be encouraged to have a hobby to take up his leisure hours. He must also be made to take an interest in activities that benefit the community and country and help those who are less fortunate than himself. Participation in games and sports is also helpful in keeping students away from undesirable activities and making them disciplined.

Educational institutions should provide ample opportunities for students to participate in games, sports, debates, elocution, and other extracurricular activities. Then there will be no problem in maintaining discipline as students will have sufficient outlets for their surplus energy. Hence the best way to maintain discipline is to see that students keep themselves busy doing something useful and interesting.

Boredom is one of the causes of student indiscipline. The educational system should be overhauled to suit the needs of modern living. Students get bored if they have to follow an outdated syllabus. To keep their interest in education alive, many educational reforms are necessary. Only then will they take an active interest in learning and automatically accept the idea of discipline.

Difficult Words: Arson – unlawful act of setting fire to buildings, goods, etc. community – a group of people living in one place or having the same interests. fortunate – lucky. ample – big enough. opportunities – chances (in life). participation – the act of taking part in. extracurricular activities – activities such as dramatics, sports, dancing, etc. overhauled – examined and repaired thoroughly. automatically – self – moving, e.g. like a machine which works by itself.


Essay No. 04


Student Unrest

Student unrest is one of the more important problems that the education system faces. But it is less due to the ills of the system than to the widespread disorder and instability are seen in society. Perhaps the main reason for most student unrest is the differences in the students’ social backgrounds. Naturally, the divisions in society along economic, religious, and political lines are reflected in the behavior of students.

Generally, studentship is the stage of life when physical strength and capabilities are at their peak; when immaturity and indiscretion dominate behavior. This combination of overwhelming physical energy and an immature mind to control it, therefore, makes student unrest more volatile and frequent than other social disturbances.

Frustration, discontent, and confusion are the immediate causes of student unrest. The education system being what it is, is incapable of fulfilling the aspirations of the majority of the youth. In the absence of dependable programs that can help or guide the students in choosing the education best suited to each of them, they end up taking wrong decisions and studying courses for which they hardly have an interest. Frustration is a natural consequence of such mistakes. Often it vents itself in the form of violent behavior. However, a favorable environment and genuine interest in studies will not always lead to durable satisfaction. A feeling of discontent may develop in the minds of students if they do not achieve in studies what they wish to. Other drawbacks of the education system, like nepotism, favoritism and corruption may also cause disappointment and a feeling of hopelessness in students. But by far the most important cause of unrest in the student community is the confusion that is created in young minds. Students, both in schools and in colleges, are exposed to a variety of ideas and opinions, all of which may not be acceptable in a civilized society. The immaturity of students may cause confusion in their choice, which can have disastrous consequences.

Though these causes are quite important, they themselves do not create troubles. A force that harnesses them, to motivate and mobilize the student community to commit violence, is always present behind the scene of every major student unrest. More often than not, it is the political parties that serve as the prime movers of student violence. The latent energy in the students and their vigor and enthusiasm for action, are two valuable resources that politicians are tempted to exploit whenever they wish to create trouble in society.

Since youth unrest is often due to divisions within society, its solution should also be initiated by society. People with integrity, who enjoy high social esteem, should lead such an exercise. The best way to cure the malady of student unrest is to be sensitive to the aspirations and problems of the students. A compassionate and balanced approach to their problems will help nip many of those problems in the bud. Refining and improving the education system, to make it more relevant to the necessities of life, is another way of curbing extreme passions among students. Students should be encouraged to have faith in themselves, and to let sensitivity, responsibility, and solidarity prevail in their relationship with the rest of society.

Owing to several reasons, evil is much more prevalent in the present society than ever before. The situation can be allowed to worsen only at the cost of our very existence. Though a turnaround for the better seems unlikely in the immediate future, it is sensible to believe that the future can be improved if the present is properly taken care of. It is in the interest of our collective survival that we calm the agitated minds of our young people so that they lead fruitful, civilized, and responsible lives.


Essay No. 05

Student Unrest

It is the universal truth that the youth of a country are its future. A well-educated, hard-working, and mature youth augurs well for the country, while indiscipline, uneducated and selfish younger generation bodes ill for the nation.

With the increase in the population of young people in educational institutions, the number of the incidence of unruly behavior and student unrest is on the rise. Strikes, boycotts, sit-ins, gheraos, -throwing, bus-burning have become a common phenomenon in and around educational institutions.

Many reasons have been attributed to student unrest. The primary among them is the aimlessness of the education imparted to them, interference of politics in student life, lack of quality teachers, and the urge to bring about quick change in the educational system

Our educational system is extremely old. With the passage of time, it has lost its relevance. It was created to provide white-collar workers to assist the British. The youth of today require vocational and technical education so that they can earn their living. Unfortunately with only degrees in their hands, they find their future bleak. Such a scenario makes them frustrated and resentful of the authorities, hence they indulge in acts of violence.

Various political parties also take advantage of the youth. They support their illegitimate demands and encourage them to break rules. Self-seeking politicians use students as tools for various anti-social activities. This gives rise to indiscipline and violence on the campus.

As is with various other aspects of public life, the institution of teaching is also fast deteriorating. We no longer come across teachers who inspire students to greater academic achievements. Teachers are themselves involved in various self-seeking exercises. Their absenteeism from lectures and classes gives students many opportunities to become unruly.

The idealistic nature of the youth makes them want to change the system. Due to the lack of proper guidance and indifferent attitude of adults they take the law into their own hands. By doing so they falsely hope that the system will change for the better.

We can thus conclude that students are not to be blamed in totality. They are often the victims of society and the circumstances. Our society and its state of affairs are often the cause which triggers of unrest in them.

The requirement of the day is that the students should be gently guided towards the path of rightness. Their energies should be harnessed by giving them examples of correct living and behavior, only then should we hope to have a righteous student.


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