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Essay on “National Cadet Corps” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

National Cadet Corps

The History of the world is not the history of peace but the history of war. History has proved it more than once that peace is a dream and war is reality. Our ideals of peace and Panch Sheel cannot defend our country. Our country is surrounded by   dangers on all sides. Pakistan’s ill- will and unfriendliness against us is well- known. China has threatened our safety. China has taken a large portion of our territory. These both countries  are busy in raising different kinds of problems in our different boundary areas. Thus India has to meet the external and internal dangers. For this, a strong military force is necessary. It required heavy expenditure. To meet the defence problem without much expenditure, it is thought to introduce N.C.C.

The Nation Cadet Corps is a voluntary organization. It is a blend of youth, guided by the experienced staff of the three services. Boys and girls alike take part with equal   fervor and prove themselves to be a unique force.

N.C.C. has become a necessity for almost all the civilized nations. Nobody can exactly say when a war will break out and disturb the peace of a county. Every country is increasing its military forces. This is said for maintaining peace. But it is not truth as is clear from past history. So N.C.C. is a training for defence of country. It is for building public moral in case of war. It makes people (students) physically fit. It is also helpful for building up general, character of youths. It is a training that creates a sense of discipline. It awakens self- sacrifice, boldness and patriotism. It prepares the youth of the country for future responsibility. We must prepare ourselves for self- defence and to face anti- national forces.  

Time to time camps are organized. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion, language, culture, habits and regions. Cadets from all over India merge and mix up and create a Mini India in this camp is organized as Republic Day camp every year at Delhi. Cadets take part in the camp with free mind . they live together. They sleep together under the same tent and eat together in the same dining hall. Here one can see “Unity in Diversity.” Visits by national leaders, foreign personalities, and concerning officers enhance the outlook of these cadets. It is a beginning of a new life where every cadet shows his talent, zeal and enthusiasm. True India in its budding colours is presented by our youth. N.C.C. aims to make our youth our best citizens.

No country can afford to keep a permanent huge  army. India is no exception to it. Although N.C.C.  has been introduced in school and colleges, it is not enough. The call of the time that every young citizen of the country should receive such training. Only then a strong and reliable second line of defence can be formed. The system of N.C.C. is a great boon to our country.


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