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Essay on “How can I best serve to My country” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

How can I best serve My country

The country evokes feelings of pride and glory in any native, and patriotism has been called the most ennobling of all creeds. One must die for the country where he is born. One must pay one’s debt to the motherland. But it is not necessarily by enlisting in the army and laying down one’s life while defending the country’s borders. One can serve one’s country in the various other ways, suiting one’s interests, aptitude and accomplishments.

I am also imbued with these feelings of patriotism and serving my country to the best of my skills and abilities, preparing to be civil servant, I wish after my aim, as such, is fulfilled, to fight in my own way for the removal of inequalities and injustices that have eaten into the vitals of or society.  Free of political interference and manipulation, I wish my motherhood to be backed by a sophisticated technology and scientific knowledge. And I shall do all that with all the power at my command.

To start at the grassroots, I will try to make basic education compulsory for all. Apart from the three R’s, education will lay emphasis on moral values, social upliftment, and removal of untouchability, elimination of superstition and blind beliefs and national integration. Along with class-room teaching, enough emphasis will be laid on sports and other extracurricular activities so that our youngsters flower into nice, well rounded sportsmen and sportsmen and sports women.

Provision of basic amenities to our underprivileged poor will be next on my list of priorities. Social taboos and outdated traditions will have to go if the people are to forge ahead. Health cleanliness and sanitation are pre-requisites for a normal life. And if I can be instrumental in providing these to my countrymen side by side with benefits of technology, much can be done to alleviate their lot.

Eradication of corruption in all places will be the to priority Corruption is entering almost all the services like police, judiciary and other administrative agencies. Steps to weed out corruption has become a must as it is making the performance very poor and the greed for becoming rich is gaining ground in all fields.

Then people must be made aware of their rights and responsibilities. Rights without a sense of responsibilities have no meaning. Much of the present day dissension and frustration will go if I can achieve a modicum of success in this mission. Violence, arson, loot and killings that have become the order of the day would find no place once this process is initiated it.

If all this is achieved during my lifetime, I shall have ample gratification of having served, my country to the best of my abilities and my dying prayer will be:

” into such a Heaven of Freedom, O lord

Let my country awake.”


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