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Essay on “Problems of urban life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Problems of urban life

            Modern urban life has produced entirely a new environment, a new standard of life and a quite changed circumstance with the new inputs of technology.  It has created lots of new problems which were quite unknown to the people of yesterday. As the world today is changing rapidly, more rapidly than most of us can imagine or are at least prepares for.  Till recently men lived in village communities, and their culture, mode of living food and social organization were adjusted to their surroundings.  Modern urban life has created new problem of adaptation.  Small old cities expanded in their jurisdiction and accommodated vast surrounding areas; and the steps which should have been taken to bring about an adjustment between man and his new environment have not been forthcoming in ample measure.

            Consequent upon industrialization in developing countries, urbanization, besides creating slums, has lasso denied to a large section of people even elementary civic amenities- pure drinking water, Electricity, proper drainage system, hospitals and well-built and well-run schools and pucca roads.  Over-crowing has become a serious problem large additional population is bound to complicate matter. Good medical faculties, day-to-day requirements of life, proper shoaling and the like, have become very expensive and only the upper crust of people are able to afford for them.            

            The Problems of child labour is directly linked with education and poverty.  Unfortunately, the poverty alleviation programmes in most countries like India do not see the tracheotomy between these three, the vision of narrow.  They do not analyze and link them with the broader context of economic or environment in families, poverty-related policies, and processes of liberalization, privatization and globalization.  The exorbitant cost of education keeps many out of the school, thus increasing child labour.  There is legal ambiguity in constitution of provisions of Article 24 and 25, which can be deliberately or inadvertently misuse, which tell about hazardous work.

In order to ensure regular attendances, the government has introduced several measures such as the mid-day meals and no failures up to class 7. Here also the stress is on the quantity of student’s n school, not the quality many schools, especially in the rural areas do not have good buildings, teachers and proper teaching aids.  The government run schools in urban areas, which cater to the needs of lover class people generally, also present a bad picture.

No-doubt, the village economy is undergoing rapid development and conditions are being created in which rural purists will become viable, but also so rapidly is population expand and so readily are our well-to-doo agriculturists taking to agricultural machines and electric power that there is little possibi9lity of rural unemployment being reduced to any appreciable extent except through migration to towns and cities.  Towns and cities are centers of trade and commerce.  And women function, restaurants and hotels are started and thousands of people cater to the tapes of men and women in fashion.

Thus the need for the government and municipal corporations becomes paramount to realize their responsibility to ease the situation prevailing in big cities.  They cannot allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem involved.  There is no warrant for the belief that urban life is unhealthy, unnatural and harmful, that the people in villages live longer, are free from ailments common among city folk and live more naturally. The urban areas should be places full of all the modern amenities including well-ventilated and well-build houses, parks and gardens, schools and hospitals, not only for the affluent few but for the poor as well,. Then only there will be an equitable distribution of nature’s bounty.


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