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Essay on “Role of mass-media in present world affairs” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Role of mass-media in present world affairs


       Means of mass-communication, or the media, has assumed large dimensions of importance and responsibility in the modern world affairs.  TV, Radio and News-Papers play a big role in shaping the public life and improving the awareness of the world affairs among the masses. News-papers have become almost as necessary as the food and clothing.  The modern educated man cannot enjoy his morning breakfast unless he has the morning paper before hi.  But the world moves so fast and events happen so quickly that one cannot wait for the morning paper for a fresh new. Besides the informative character of the media regarding latest developments in the political and social sphere, it caters to the needs of the businessmen, sports-persons, cinema fans layers and unemployed youth equally. 

            The media has gained manifold importance in the recent years and has become a huge industry employing a great number of able journalists. Writers, photographers, statesmen, correspondents and a train of film producers, writers, musicians and actors etc. with the popularity of TV and cable-culture, the importance of new-papers and news-journals has not diminished but gained further strides for their distinctive character n the world of media.

It is now widely admitted that the linguistic distribution of India, undertaken with the best of intentions in 1959, was a serious political blunder inasmuch as it conceded responsibility to sub-nationalism, and to that extent weakened out sense of national solidarity.  In fact, it became the starting point from where separatist tenderness began to raise their heads in various garbs once again.  It provided ambitious regional straps with a cover behind with which they continue trying to build pockets of personal power in the name of language, religion, culture etc. There can be no mistaking the direction in which all this in taking the country.

Having an international Juvenile delinquent country (Pakistan) with endless potential for mischief as a neighbor, she needs to maintain constant and strong vigilance to ensure the security of her frontiers and internal strife’s. He will have enough evidence at his disposal to conclude that India was one upon a time a leader of a glorious civilization.  The fact that Indian arts have withstood the onslaught of ages and are thriving till today will convince him about the potentiality of the country’s future.  That the country has had a very strong cultural footage in ancient times when almost whole of the western world was in a deep slumber of pre-developmental stage and that the country was quite ahead in thought and deed would surely convince him.

The media in an advanced society should perform a noble mission of enlightening people, broadening their vision and discourage sectarian, communal and divisive trends. They should not resort to sensationalism and distortion of truth, incite sensitive people to take revenge against those who are their enemies or two act against their interests. In India too, some papers hold an exalted position and are popular worldwide for their honest opinions.

            The responsible media is the stronghold of the democratic set-up.  Democracy is based on the mass-participation of the people in the affairs of government.  The masses are to be kept well-informed about the developments going on, as a consequence of the policies of the government.  The achievements and the failures of the governments in power are to determine its future continuance or a change.  Thus the role of the Press and the Media comes in.  It is here that bad Pres and other media can do a lot of damage to the cause of the people as well as the government.


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