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Essay on “The Problem of modern youth” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Problem of modern youth


       Unrest among youth has been a problem since time immemorial. It was so in the past and it shall be so in future as well, howsoever glamorous and glittering the social fabric might become and however secure and stable they might feel under the new dispensation.  The young have never rested on their past laurels nor have they felt contented with their present possibilities.  The chords of their impulses, instincts and intuitions have been always vocal and vibrant, but a vociferous voices of protest of vast segments of populations that have seen and suffered the all-wound erosions of values and the wreckage of their dreams.

            If T.S. Eliot’s Prufrock measured his life by counting the sips of coffee cups, the modern youth in India measures his life by standing in queues, jostling and pushing in buses and finally by removing the grey hair from his head.  Hi problems are social, economic and psycho-emotive but there is none around who can share his sad and solitary existence.  Compounded with his lonely state of life, the urban youth have remained immune to the profundity of spiritual heritage of the land, so they turn rebellions to their society and their anger finds outlet through a behavior which turns to be anti-social, at times.

            This influx of rural people to the urban areas signifies kind of “brain drain” towards the cities and calls for an urgent and immediate programme for rural resource development and the engagement of the rural youth in the development of these areas so that the foot if halted and the problems that follow un-planned and haphazard urbanizations are put under check.

            The concept of universalisation of education was introduced only in recent years.  Our expenditure on education is less than three per cent of our Gross Domestic Product, as against the generally accepted norm of s0069 per cent or even above in the developed world.  Developing countries like India cannot afford to spend much on education owing to financial constraints.  The Government finds it difficult to sustain its education program meowing to a rapid increase in population.  Moreover, the Government itself, preoccupied as it generally is, with political issues and the problems of surgical in seats of office; do not seem to have the requisite will and inclination to concentrate on this vital problem of the nation, which offers solution to many national and other problems.

In the West, the dilemma of the modern youth is born out of factors that are alien to the youth in the developing countries.  If poverty, ignorance and unemployment are our curses, affluence and permissiveness are the bane of their homes, most of which are shattered as well as broken.  The cult of Hippies, drug addiction, violence, aimless murders etc. 

But both from the standpoints of economic growth and social justice the results have been disappointing.  The economy of the country is bedeviled by black-marketers, smugglers, tax evaders, hoarders and corrupt bureaucracy.  Monopoly houses are as firmly entrenched in their positions as ever before.  The Government is compelled by continuously rising prices of essential consumer goods to divert part of its funds for development to finance its administrative expenditure in the form of higher emoluments for its employees.

All said and done, modern youth, particularly (Indian youth, can again contribute towards a big push to Indians growth and progress. For serious self-education before they can organize the participation of the youth in this vital, national task.


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