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Essay on “Population Control” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Population Control

          In the matter of population, India is the second largest country in the world. In this respect she is next only to china but she has a much smaller land mass as compared to China.

          India’s population crossed the mark of 1.21 billion in March, 2011 at the time of Independence, it was only about 35 crore. It means in just about 65 years, it has trebled itself and that after all the various efforts put in at Central state and local levels through various means.

          India has one of the most liberal laws on abortion in the world. But this has resulted in another malady and that is the menace of female feticide which is the result of easy availability of scanning machines in all cities and towns and which has brought the female ratio in certain States like Punjab and Haryana to an alarmingly low level.

          In spite of all the efforts to give a fillip to literacy, a great mass of people is still illiterate, particularly in rural and slum areas. These people are traditionally minded. They think that every child is the gift of god. Moreover, they are not much aware of the methods and devices of family planning.

Some people, especially those belonging to the lower strata of society think that if they have more hands in the family, their income can increase. But they do not care or know that every new comer also comes with a mouth which is to be fed.

          Those with large families should be made to pay heavy taxes and those having small families of one or two children only should be rewarded.


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