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Essay on “Terrorism Problem” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Terrorism Problem

          Of late, terrorism has become a worldwide phenomenon. India had been telling the world of the large scale destruction being caused to life and property in Kashmir by the Pak. Sponsored terrorist, but most of the western world had turned a blind eye to India’s pleadings. The west particularly the USA, realized its taste when the towers in America were leveled down through explosions caused by the sudden attacks by striking aero planes on them on 11th Sep. 2001. Thus the 9/11 event opened the eyes of the world.

          As a result of this 9/11 incident. America took up the task of defending the world and getting it rid of the scourge of terrorism. Accordingly the American President in collaboration with the U.K. Prime Minister tony Blair drew up a road map of controlling and eliminating terrorism.

A number of terrorist organizations, Al-Qaida being the most conspicuous among them, were banned. A number of countries were declared as the Axis of Evil.

 Afg. Was attacked and the regime of the Taliban was brought to an end. But the most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden could not be killed or captured.

          In Kashmir, the terrorists have been playing havoc for about two decades. Thousands of terrorists themselves, members of security forces and innocent citizens, including men and women have been killed. Indian Parliament had to face a terrorist attack on 13th December 2001. Fortunately the Parliament which was in session was saved but a number of security guards lost their lives.

          In order to overcome the menace of terrorism all the States in India and all the counties in the world should join hands to form a concerted coordinated policy.


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