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Essay on “Mountaineering” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


3 Best Essays on ” Mountaineering”

Essay  No. 01

Mountains have fascinated man since time immemorial.  Mountain climbing is a dangerous sport but is filled with a strange romance and adventure which even the climbers cannot explain fully. It needs the highest quality of risk it involves does not deter the climbers to undertake the task of climbing the highest peaks of the world.  

The most challenging task of modern times was to conquer the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest. It was accomplished by Tenzing and Hillary in 1953. It was a great task admired by people throughout the world. Since then it has been a regular feature for the climbers of the world including many Indians to climb Mount Everest.

 A mountaineer must possess the spirit of adventure which keeps him going on and on climbing till he reaches his goal. He must be willing to undertake risks and hardships while climbing narrow ledges and steep hillsides. He must possess extraordinary powers of perseverance to continue in the face of the severest odds. Mountaineering is an organized sport. There are many regular institutes throughout the world where the sport is taught as a subject. Most sophisticated equipment is used to ensure the safety of climbers. The students in this field are given tough training in handily the equipment and taking care and caution while climbing. This has minimized the risk involved, but still, there have been instances of the loss of many precious lives. The climbers have shown lots of heroic feats in climbing as well as saving the lives of their comrades in difficulties.   

Mountain climbing is beset with difficulties. As one climbs up, the air becomes thinner and breathing becomes difficult. It is then that a steady supply of artificial oxygen is required and should be used by the mountaineer. The weather in the higher reaches is unpredictable. There may be a sudden storm or calm. In stormy weather, the winds are so strong that one’s tent may be swept away. It might start snowing while one is going uphill and the mountaineer has to keep going inspire by it. The adventurous mountaineer takes these problems easily in his stride, and his sense of purpose and the goal of reaching the top keeps him going. He walks through soft snow in which he has to cut steps in order to climb up. He has to keep himself well covered otherwise he is in danger of getting frostbite and that portion of his body is in danger of becoming totally numb or even useless if the blood circulation is not rejuvenated swiftly. Thus while powers of physical endurance are essential, a mountaineer also should possess spiritual qualities of mind and heart which gives him his strong willpower and the optimism that he can and will achieve success in his Endeavour.      

The mountaineer is fully aware of the dangers and risk involved and fearlessly and bravely attempts it knowing fully well that he might never return. But it is the thrill of scaling the torturous mountains, the intoxication of reaching the top after surmounting the most treacherous of paths, and the supreme beauty of the snow-covered peaks that makes him climb mountains again and again.

Thus, mountain climbing is one of the most dangerous and challenging of sport, it is a sport of only the brave and the hard and brings out the heroic and brave qualities of man.

Essay  No. 02

Mountaineering – Joy of Trekking

Ever since the conquest of Mount Everest by Sir Edmond Hillary and Tensing Norgay, trekking has become quite fashionable. These days parties of adventurous people go trekking in the Himalayas or even scale various peaks, although it is a very dangerous sport because the higher a person goes the more difficult it is to breathe. While trekking, trackers have to carry oxygen cylinders and foodstuff. Sometimes trekkers are not able to reach their destination while sometimes many even fall and get buried under the snow. Only those with determination are able to reach the top as it is extremely cold. It is a sport full of adventure and it requires the proper skill of trekking and knowledge of mountain terrain.

Essay  No. 03


Mountains have always been held in great awe by mankind. They are considered the abodes of gods. It is perhaps for this reason that great sages have taken refuge in them in order to be close to the Almighty Mountains has also been a challenge to humans. Those brave among us have always wanted to conquer them. The mountains provide the ultimate challenge to the bravery of the human race.

Before climbing a mountain a person must develop in himself the spirit of adventure, willingness to undertake hardships and risks, extraordinary powers of perseverance, endurance, and keenness of purpose. He should also know how to handle the mountaineering equipment. He should then undergo rigorous training for climbing the mountains.

Climbing a mountain is not a child’s play. Right from the base camp, each step is beset with difficulties. As one proceeds further one comes across places where the ice may look firm but may be fragile. A large wall of ice or rock may look solid, yet it may have hidden crevices or breaks. As one goes higher the air becomes rarer. A mountaineer gets less and less oxygen to breathe. He has to start using his oxygen cylinder, ropes, ice axes, etc. to move further.

The weather becomes unpredictable as one climbs greater heights. There may be sunshine one moment and a snowstorm the other. It is during such periods of stress that a mountaineer uses his direction-finding equipment like the compass, etc. At higher altitudes, snow is a regular feature. He has to make decisions about setting up camps or proceeding further. Ice storms may have converted into sheets of ice or maybe in powdery form. Both these kinds of snow are difficult to negotiate. The icy sheets make walking treacherous, while the powdery snow makes a mountaineer sink deep into the snow. All these hardships are topped off by biting cold, in which the body’s blood pressure always fluctuates.

The most common ailments that can inflict a body are the frostbites of fingers, toes, and face or a heart attack due to tremendous cold. A mountaineer must therefore protect himself and be ready to abort the climb in case of any difficulty.

Such trying circumstances can be overcome only by exceptional willpower, trust in the fellow climber, and total faith in the Almighty. A true mountaineer may challenge the mountain yet he is always respectful to the powerful forces of nature.

A journey to the top of the mountain requires more than determination. It needs intoxication of the purpose and single-mindedness of the cause.


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