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Essay on “Growing Cable T.V. Culture in India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Growing Cable T.V. Culture in India

It is the age of Cable T.V. It has come to stay. Now the T.V. Programmes are full of fun and frolic all the twenty – four hours. All the channels of T.V. are loaded with various programmes like news, views and entertainment. It provides programmes to suit people of all shades and opinions. The youth are mainly glued to T.V. all the time. The world of recreation and entertainment is on their finger tips. All the Channels telecast films, serials, news and views and what not. The house is incomplete if the cable connection is  not. Obtained. House- wives and children can miss anything but not their favourite serial. Such is the craze that the people talk and act under the influence of some popular serial. Commercialization of T.V. is the latest boon. Money is charged and  spent in crores on commercials. It has become the top. They capture the greatest number of viewers. It is all surprising and unimaginable. This latest trend has some nice life. the cherished cultural values of Indian civilization are giving place to a westernized way of life. the children are especially influenced and they display a strange behaviour quite unknown till now. The crime has increased. Strange ways and means of doing crime are seen erupted as an influence of free access of the foreign movies. The greed for money and achieving higher life standards has involved the  young minds. The trend seems alarming. The respect for moral values is fast waving and households are splitting very fast. There is no end of this trend and it has become a matter of serious concern and though for the  same  thinkers of today.  Some way out of this development  seems an urgency of the hour. Nobody knows where it will lead our culture in future.      

The other T.V. culture is the Sky T.V. culture of Satellite. This is again the latest trend. It has led to the maximum  exploitation of all sorts of knowledge and information which was hitherto unthinkable. Through satellite we can explore natural resources on this earth. Weather monitoring, telecommunication system, T.V. programmes, telephone, fax , live commentaries of sports and events and space probing are all possible only due to satellite. Now we can know better about all the planets, stars and comets. Spying can now be managed successfully with excellent results. This culture is deep – rooted and ingrained. It is a healthy trend and can lead us to a better future.

In short, the world is developing very fast and India is not lagging behind but every development brings with it some dark aspects also. The cable T.V. and the benefits of Satellite can be utilized for the betterment of our life. We can use the facilities for the education of our uneducated masses and the removal of poverty which is ultimately a great hindrance to the development of this country. but It needs very honest leads and planners at the  helm, who selflessly think for the betterment of the masses of this country. The impossible of yesterday can become the reality of today. So there is need to use these gifts of science for overall benefit of the people of this nation.    


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