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Essay on “Live and Let Live” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Live and Let Live

Essay  No. 01

Man has to live on this planet only for a number of decades. This span of man’s life is less than a moment in the infinite span of cosmic life. Man is less than a grain of sand or a bubble on the ocean of existence. He is not one of the most important objects in the universe.

Surprisingly, man thinks too highly of himself. Even more curiously, he deems others of no significance.

The net result of this line of thinking is man’s crass and stark materialism, selfishness and even dehumanization. Man is basically an animal and has several traits of a wild beast in his mental make-up.

Fortunately for mankind, there have emerged off and on some highly enlightened great men who have exhorted man to realize the Oneness of humanity, universal brotherhood, world peace and mutual goodwill, help, aid and cooperation. Among such men there have been Jesus Christ, Lord Rama, Krishna, the Buddha, Socrates, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Mahatma Gandhi and others. It is in this context that India while believe in non-violence, universal love and mutual respect for each other, signed the Panchsheel with China. It is another matter that China stabbed India in the back. Later, perhaps China too realized the value of the policy ‘Live and Let Live’ and now China and India have both been trying for quite some time to enhance the scope for friendship between two countries even when the boundary dispute is still there. India has tried her best to follow the policy of ‘Live and Let Live’ and it is hoped that in spite of numerous failures, India will finally succeed in her efforts. Thus, it can be said conclusively that the policy ‘Live and Let Live’ is a sound policy that must be followed by all nations, countries and all communities and all sections of society.

Essay  No. 02

Live and Let Live 

This saying teaches us the lesson of brotherhood. It should be followed in order to promote peace and understanding between man and man. We find cut-throat competition everywhere. Money has become the motive force behind every activity. Everyone wants to move ahead leaving others behind. In order to grab the major share of a thing, set principles are set aside. All are busy exploiting one another to gain profit. It is true not only in the case of individuals but also in the case of nations. The gain of one is naturally a loss of another. It is immoral to deprive others of their share. The earth is not a sole property of selected individuals. We all are equal inheritors of joys and beauties of the earth. In such an atmosphere man can’t live comfortably and peacefully. We should give up greed and intolerance and like members of the same family. If the strong keep bullying the weak, the institution of society will collapse. Mankind will suffer a setback. There will be strife and suffering everywhere. It is, therefore, essential to have the feelings of brotherhood. Live and let live should be the guiding principle of one and all.


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