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Essay on “What Cannot Be Cured Must Be Endured” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

What Cannot Be Cured Must Be Endured

Man has a great power of endurance. That is why he has been able to survive millions of years of contrary and hostile conditions on earth, including in clemencies of weather, attacks from wild beasts, diseases, natural calamities such as famines, floods, earthquakes, etc.

During all this period, man has tried to explore the possibilities of cures and remedies in various ways and fields. Man studied the effects of several herbs and minerals for treatment of various maladies and diseases. That is how over the centuries, the various systems of medicine took their birth.

Then man built houses and several means of protection to safeguard against vagaries of weather, wild beasts and natural calamities and disasters. Man also developed a social system which grew up into several other systems like economic system, judicial system, administrative system, etc. to devise an honourable life for all and then grew up nations and nation states with all the necessary laws, rules and regulations.

In spite of all human efforts, in several walks of life certain things remain incurable or intractable and man has no choice but to endure and tolerate them. For instance, we cannot do much to bring to senses an incorrigibly bad- mannered or bad-tempered person. We cannot do much to a hostile, hot-headed neighbour, may be a person or a country.

There are even certain diseases which are still largely incurable such as AIDS, cancer, etc. We can take some preventive steps before we are overpowered by the disease, but once we fall a victim to a fatal disease such as these, we can hardly escape from it. Naturally, we have to endure what we cannot cure.


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