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Essay on “Launch of Agni – 2” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Launch of Agni – 2

April 11, 1999 is a remarkable day. This day India successfully test-fired to extend the range of AGNI-II. The Defense Minister said Agni- II was perfectly launched at 9.47 a.m. from a new launching site (IC-4 at Wheeler Island) on the Orissa coast. The two – stage missile, carrying a substantial payload, reached the point of impact in 11 minutes as scheduled, he said.

The salient features of the test- firing were : demonstration of mobile launch   capability, solid- solid propulsion system; range in excess of 2,000 kilometers; features designed to carry special pay- load; state of – the –art navigation, guidance and control systems and sophisticated on – board package including advanced communication interface.

The most significant aspect of the test- firing was the usage of solid fuel as a propellant. Launched exactly 11 months after the Shakti series of nuclear tests in Pokhran last May, Agni-II is said to have one- tonne pay – load. It is capable of    carrying both conventional and nuclear weapons. The Agni technology demonstrator was last tested in 1994 with solid- liquid fuel configuration.

The missile is equipped with global positioning system (GPS) in order to improve its accuracy or reduce the circular error of probability in military parlance. This means that the missile’s on – board computer during its flight gets inputs from the satellites to home in on the designated target.

After the multiple nuclear tests at Pokhran last year, India needed a delivery system with a range of 2,000-3,000 km to complete its credible minimum nuclear deterrent profile. Preparation for the test began in December last. “There were some delays due to certain technical hitches.”

India gave Pakistan and other countries a day’s notice about today’s event in accordance with the Lahore declaration. International warning to prevent any aircraft or ship from coming near the “splashdown” area in Bay of Bengal was also issued. It is understood that the US was already aware of New Delhi’s intentions to test Agni- II today.

We have reached the point of operationalisation of Agni- II as a weapon system. According to analysts Agni – II is now ready for production and that no more tests are needed. Now India has become a firm member of world missile club.


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