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Essay on “If there were No Electricity” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If there were No Electricity

Essay # 01

In modern life, we have got so habituated to the use of electricity that we do not want a moment of life without electricity.

Needless to say, the discoverer of electricity was evidently one of the greatest benefactors of mankind. Now, it will be a horrendous time for all of us if something miraculous happens such that the earth is denuded of the blind energy of electricity.

Of course, in such an eventuality, the loss will be tremendous and even incalculable. It may not be easy to surmise exactly the real discomfort caused to all of us.

If there were no electricity, there would be no electric light, no electric fans, desert coolers or air conditioners, no refrigerators, no mixers no juicers, no heaters, no geysers, no printing presses, virtually no books, no magazines, no newspapers, etc.

Certain industries such as textile, sugar, steel, cement, TV, computer, auto parts, and other industries might not exist without electricity. Even tube well, water pumps, geysers, etc. would have to be run by diesel, petrol, or gas. That would be a costly affair.

Total darkness could provide a hey time to thieves and robbers. Indeed, modern life is impossible without electricity.


Essay # 02

If There Were No Electricity

Electricity is the biggest boon to mankind. We cannot perceive a world without electricity. We have become used to the comforts provided by electricity. Even at the basic level, we need fans, bulbs, and heaters in our houses.

To say that we Indians do not know what it would be like in the absence of electricity would be wrong. Frequent power cuts and blackouts have given us the experience of life without electricity. Our helplessness during such periods makes us feel frustrated. In the absence of electricity, we are unable to perform our duties to the fullest.

In the absence of electricity, most of our domestic appliances would not work. Our fans, food processors, tube lights, bulbs, electric irons, would come to a grinding halt. Our industries are heavily dependent on electricity. They would stop functioning. Total industrial production of the country would stop. We will have to do without paper, soaps, clothes and various other objects. Electricity runs our petrol pumps, and various public service institutions like hospitals, railways, etc. In its absence, there will be total chaos. Public and private places would wear a deserted look. Our world will plunge into darkness. People will once again have to learn to live an arduous life.

Our channels of entertainment are completely dependent upon electricity. We would have to live without our daily television, films, videos, and cassette players.

Returning to the dark ages where no comforts of today exist is one of our greatest fears. In order to be free from this fear, we must take urgent measures like the conservation of forests, and our water resources. We mold make careful use of electricity and avoid any wastage. It is only after taking such precautionary measures that we can hope to avoid a future full of darkness.


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