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Essay on “Preventing Road Accidents” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Preventing Road Accidents

Road accidents are very common these days: There may be several reasons for this state of affairs. Some of such reasons may be briefly studied as given below.

There are certain set traffic rules for the vehicles plying on roads. If any of these rules is violated, the consequences can be serious and in certain cases, even fatal. So, it should be ensured that traffic rules are followed by the commuters. All violators of these rules should be brought to book.

There should be automatic electric traffic lights at all the busy crossing and some traffic police officials should always be there to see that the commuters do not jump the traffic lights. The violators should be heavily fined or even imprisoned and, if necessary, even their driving licences should be impounded.

In case of certain roads such as the Sher Shah Sun Marg, there are so many unnecessary road-dividers. These road dividers are in many cases the cause of accidents. If the number of these road dividers is reduced, the number of accidents will also get reduced automatically.

Intensive road repairs where necessary should be taken to make traffic smooth and safe.

Rash driving and driving in a drunken state should be prohibited. The drunken drivers’ licences should be cancelled. There should be a fixed speed limit for driving on all highways which should be displayed prominently at important places and crossings. Any violator of this limit should be severely dealt with.

It will be very worthwhile if road safety weeks are organised in all schools and colleges frequently to apprise the young students from the very beginning of the idea of road safety.

All encroachments on important highways should be removed and several roadlanes at regular intervals may be constructed to streamline traffic. This idea may seem to be counteracting against the idea of reducing the number of road – dividers but actually it is not.

In all important cities where road traffic is high, a bypass should be constructed to divert or direct through traffic to other towns.

The road traffic personnel should be highly trained to control the traffic in a better way.

If all these steps are taken in unison, the graph of road accidents is likely to show a downward trend.


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