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Essay on “If there were No Sun” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If there were No Sun

As we know, the sun is the only source of heat, light and energy to the entire solar system.

As such, it is quite imaginable that if there were no sun, there would be no light anywhere. There would be pitch dark everywhere. Of course, the stars in the sky would look shining even more brightly.

As there would be no heat, it means cold to an unimaginable minus degree would be there. Of course, there would be no question of any vaporisation of water from seas, oceans and lakes, if any and hence there would no clouds, no rain, no crops, no forests, and no greenery of any kind. There would be no snowfall on mountains which would be dry as bones.

Since there would be no energy either, there would be no life accordingly. Probably, air and water would also not be there. In the absence of such life-giving things plants, human or animal life would also be impossible. It would perhaps not even be imaginable.

Since the sun is supposed to be not existing, even there would be no planets. Our earth is a planet. So, its existence must also be ruled out. Even if one or all the planets might be supposed to be them somehow, certainly they would be having no rotational or revolutionary movements. Lack of heat and fire under the surface of the earth, if at all it did exist, would make all life impossible.


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