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Essay on “If I Were To Be Born Again” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 12 Students.

If I Were To Be Born Again

Once life is lived it is just the appropriate time to make a choice for the next life. Though making a choice is not easy but definitely, after living some span of life, one can set priorities and make choices for the life in future. This would obviously depend on an individual’s priorities of likes and fondnesses. The choice for the next life would also depend on the qualities of the individual for, only with the given basic qualities, one expects the life one wishes for.

If I were to be born again I would love to be born again in India. This is my country. It is an ancient country of traditions and a variety of people besides being an Indian I would like to be born again a woman. Despite so much talk in this century about women’s liberation, women’s suffering, women’s dependence, I would still love to be an Indian woman. Women have always been, still are, and I am sure will always be the talk of the world. We will always remain in the annals of history.

Professionally my choice would fall on being a teacher like Dr. Radhakrishna or a social worker of the caliber of Mother Teresa. Only if I could become one of these, I would love to be born once again.

My family would be the entire society of the area, my work the welfare of all and my target a happy and contented world.

If I could be born in either of these positions I would really think that life is worth living and such lives I would like to get the time and again with the grace of the Almighty God.


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