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Essay on “What I Forsee For Indian Women In The 21st Century” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech.

What I Forsee For Indian Women In The 21st Century

God created both man and woman to live together in this beautiful world, but it is amazing how and why ‘women’ have been a topic of discussion for all times to come. It does sometimes make me wonder whether a woman is the special creation of God to be the talk on platforms or is she so troublesome that she is always in discussions. Whatever may be the cause of it, the fact remains that women have always been a topic for discussion.

In the ages gone by at least in India, women were highly respected, especially in the role of a wife and a mother. However, as time rolled on, and Muslim influence came into India, women were as if thrust into their shells, and India saw the advent of the Purdah system and the like. Men did this, saying that woman is so attractive that if she goes out in the main world she will face trouble. This situation pleased both men and women, men because they felt it was an opportunity to decry women and throw them centuries behind them.

On the other hand, women took the help of their instincts of their love being praised and so, really believing men, they preferred to stay in purdah and indoors. This game of praise and appreciation continued for centuries till at last in the second half of the 20th-century women awoke and realized that men had been coolly fooling them and they were taking it all lying down and happily.

In the mid 20th century women started stepping out of the four walls of their homes and started going to schools, colleges, clubs, and then offices gradually. With this advent of opening a haven of permissiveness, women took a big leap. They were not to be satiated only by studying now, in the third quarter of the 20th century; their desire to enter into nation-building grew vigorously. Now they started entering into all educational institutions, offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. They left no arena untapped and it is this situation where we stand now at the end of the 20th century.

This entry of women into the mainstream of nation-building is undoubtedly very encouraging but, at the same time, this achievement is not without, a fatal sacrifice of the home.

At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, the scenario is rather bleak. The women in their own status may have won and will continue to rise but their contribution to the family and society is bound to be decreased. The trend in this direction is already set. The women once they are educated automatically and naturally become less submissive and less pliable so the educated women pose serious problems of maintaining peace at home. Now, once they start working. They gather more air and become wholly independent and less of home birds.

This change over of the women from the home to the office has given them some solace, but, it has been a sad day for the home. In the 21st century, if things continue to be like this, women may have nothing to do with their homes. Family life will be disrupted and children will totally neglect. There will be no social commitment of a family because, in the busy day’s routine, socializing will find no place. The homes will get fragmented which will certainly result in a near broken society. All this because the women will have no time and interest and energy to spare for the family and society.



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