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Essay on “If I were The Principal of my School” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I were The Principal of my School

“if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” I can never become the principal of my school. I am not qualified for the post. But let me imagine what I would do if I were the principal of my school. The success of failure of a school depends upon its Principal is a central figure and the progress of school depends on him.

On the first day, I shall attend the school assembly. There I hope to be introduced to the teachers and students. after that I shall make a short speech. I shall tell them my policy. I shall tell them that I do not believe in words, but in action.

I shall then pay my attention to discipline. Many Principals and teachers do not care for it. They let the students do as they like. It is not care for it. They let the students do as they like. It is not the right thing. It is the duty of every Principal and teacher to guide the students rightly. To improve discipline I shall form a self- Governing Council. Only students will be its members. They will find out the wrong- doers and punish them. Such schemes have been tried in many schools of England. They have been successful there. They can be successful here also. The good tone of school depends upon the discipline. If the students are allowed to do as they like teaching becomes impossible.

I would like to develop the social life of the school. I would start many kinds of clubs, associations and debating societies. They will enlarge mental outlook students. they will increase their knowledge. They will learn to speak on the stage. They will shake off- their shyness.

I would discourage extravagance in the dress and habits of the students. I would encourage plain living and high thinking among the students.

I shall then form different committees. They will look after sanitation. Water arrangement, etc. Students of different classes will be their members. I believe in giving as much work to the students as possible. It trains them for futures life. I shall myself look after the work of these committees. I shall point out their faults and good works. 

To create feelings of brotherhood, discipline and social service, physical exercise and games will be compulsory for all the students. they must know their duty towards their country. Every day there will be mass- drill. The school will have a gymnasium and a swimming pool. There will be an arrangement for horse- riding. Military training will be compulsory for the boys of classes X and XI.

I shall encourage hobbies and co- curricular activities. I shall arrangements for painting, dancing, music, debating and other activities.

In short, I shall make my school a model school. It will send out very good boys. They will be healthy and of good character. They will be well- behaved and full of knowledge. They will models for others. They will have the stamp of the school on them. The will be known everywhere by their good manners, good knowledge , and good training.


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