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Essay on “The Value of Games” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Value of Games

Essay No. 01

Games and Sports are a necessary part of education. The aim of education is the physical, mental, and moral development of a student. A sound body contains a sound mind. If the body is weak, the mind can never be strong.

“Health is Wealth’ is an old saying. The student can build their health and body by playing games which provide exercise in the open and fresh air. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. India does not need book worms with ill health. A good student must take care of all the things. He must give time to his studies, but he should not neglect games.  He should follow the maxim, “Work, while you work, play, while you play, that is the way to be happy and gay”

Games teach us discipline and sportsmanship. A sportsman treats victory and defeat equally. Games provide good training for playing the game of life. A true player is unmindful of joys and sorrows. We learn to laugh in the face of failures. We do not feel proud of our success. Games give the best education in the art of living. The battle of life is won by sportsmen. The spirit of sportsmanship helps in the formation of character. The game teaches us the art of leadership also. The captain winds the hearts of his team through love, sympathy, and fair play. In this way games excitement in the dull life of students.  we can make the best use of leisure by playing games. They also let off the surplus energy of young men. If this surplus energy does not come out, the result would be mischief and indiscipline. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop. Students must be kept busy when they are not studying.

Games develop many good qualities. They develop courage and confidence. Students who play games do not remain shy. They become bold. They are not afraid of anything. They never lose heart. These qualities always help them in life.

Games teach many things. They teach patience and presence of mind. They also teach team-spirit and co-operation. A good player never plays for himself only. He plays for the team as a whole. These things help throughout his life.

Many schools have no proper arrangement for games. Games should be made compulsory for every student in every school. Education without games is incomplete. In order to make a full man of a student, schools should give due importance to games and sports.

Thus, games have many advantages. But they have also some disadvantages. Firstly, some boys give great importance to games and sports. They do it at the cost of their studies. They forget that they have also to read.

Secondly, games sometimes produce a party- feeling. They also produce division. In such a case, players of the team do not co-operate. They lose their goodwill for one another. This proves to be so harmful to the team.

Lastly, many boys lose their health. They take an active part in games and sports. but they do not get food to eat. This proves harmful to their health.

On the whole, games have an important place in life. But they should not be an end in themselves. There should be a balance between work and play.  

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Essay No. 02

Value of Games

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is an old saying. Physical fitness is a condition for mental alertness. Good health is the greatest blessing of God. Healthy persons can think properly, act promptly, and work persistently. And in the present-day world work is the only way to success. An unhealthy person will remain unhappy and dispirited. Games keep us physically fit. In all the games some rules must be followed. Those who play foul are not allowed to play. If rules of the game are not observed games will no longer remain the civilized activities of human beings. Games make us disciplined in thinking and inactions. And discipline among the members of the society is of the greatest value. Our animal instincts are brought under control.

Games teach us team spirit. We must play as a team; individual game spoils the chances of victory. Every player cooperates with another player in defeating the other side. If we develop this very team spirit in our daily life perhaps most of the problems of the world will be solved. While playing one has to obey the captain. In the field, the player is not supposed to dispute the decision of the captain. If the players start disobeying the captain, there will be anarchy in the field. In life, if we obey parents at home, teachers at schools, and the laws of the land, the world will be better. The possibility of defeat should not unnerve us. Sometimes we fear failure. Moreover, defeat should not disappoint us. Games teach us the way to face failure which we come across at adversary corners.

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