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Essay on “An Ideal Teacher” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Ideal Teacher

5 Best Essays on ” An Ideal Teacher”

Essay No. 01

India is famous for its ideal teachers. In olden times, we had very great teachers. They lived a life of simplicity and service. They never cared for money. Knowledge was there was the aim. We can see examples of scarifies in the city of Kashi even now.

There are many teachers in my school. They are all very good teachers. But I like Mr. Dixit most. Mr. Dixit is an ideal teacher of our school. He puts on a white Khadar Kurta and a coarse dhoti. On his head, he wears a Gandhi cap of white color personality you can easily know him by his simplicity. He is strong and healthy.

Mr. Dixit is a man of regular and simple habits. He is one of those who go two kilometers every day for a walk early in the morning. He eats simple food and lives a simple life. He is very punctual in everything. He never comes late to school. He comes to the classroom as soon as the bell rings.

His method of teaching is very fine. When he explains a new thing, he begins with a simple thing and makes it difficult by and by. He stands while he teaches. He uses the blackboard freely. He makes his lesson interesting with simple examples and stories. He is always cheerful and humorous. He often makes us laugh by saying funny things. His speech is loud and clear. He laughs by saying funny things. His speech is loud and clear. He is really a learned teacher. He does not go on teaching even after the ringing of the bell. He has created in us a taste for English.

He has a gentle heart. He never uses a cane. he loves us all and we love and admire him and fear him. He is ever ready to solve our difficulties. He encourages the poor boys and tries to get them freeship and scholarships. Whenever we make a mistake or show carelessness he rebukes us privately. He keeps an eye on the character of everybody. He is our true guide and friend. So he is very popular with the boys and everyone is ready to obey him. He is popular among the teachers also. He never makes any remark lightly. He never cracks jokes to hurt the feeling of others. His words carry weight with the Principal also. He does not talk too much, but when he speaks, people hear him.

He is a good player also. He takes part with interest in all the games of the school. He is a good speaker. He encourages us to speak at the meetings of the literary club. In short, he has all the qualities of an ideal teacher. He is liked by all. We respect him. He always helps us in solving our school problems. Mr. Dixit is really a model to all of us. We like his ideal ways and habits.


Essay No. 2

An Ideal Teacher

The most respected person in one’s life is a teacher. The person who shows you the right path and tries to take out all evil from you is the teacher. The parent gives you birth and brings you up but the teacher makes you a human by ridding you of all unnecessary and unwanted elements. He makes you fit to raise your head high in society. He shows you the way to righteousness.

Very few people are fortunate enough to meet good teachers. A good teacher is an incarnation of God. Indian history is replete with great teachers who have left indelible impressions on the history of India.    

The teachers of modern life are no doubt, a changed lot. Teaching has ceased to be just a service of God’s people. It is also taken up as a profession as the others are. So the teachers also sell their services and talents as other professionals do. The profession of a teacher continues to be an honorable one and people wish to enter the profession. But becoming a teacher is not easy. You cannot tackle a class successfully unless you have mastered your subject, so all teachers are not good teachers. Greed for money and position has entered this profession also. Many teachers have turned out to be the most exploiters of their profession but still, there are lots of such teachers who are worth worshiping. They put their hearts and should into their students and do not join the race competition of their colleagues. Such teachers leave indelible impressions in the minds of students who never forget their favorite teachers. Every successful person has been fortunate to sit before one or two such teachers. These teachers continue to be the topic of their various discussions all their lives and they continue to get inspiration from them.

Generally these days the school has become highly commercial. They charge a lot of fees and studies have become very expensive, especially in big cities. In this speedy race for money, the teacher is also exploited. He is not paid his due and he is also seen involved in unfair means to earn extra money. They force the students to take tuition in the evenings besides their legitimate classes. Numerous such tuition centers are the unhealthy trend. The teacher should try to preserve the high morale of his profession by trying to show his worth in the class for which he is paid and not engage in such unethical behavior.   

Essay No. 3

An Ideal Teacher


Our Class Teacher

I respect all the teachers who teach in my school. All of them are great scholars and have great merits. However, I believe, Mrs. Priyaranjana to be an ideal teacher as she is a mine of virtues and merits.

Mrs. Priyaranjana is our class teacher. She teaches us English. She is a middle-aged woman. She has a dominating but lovable personality.

She wears a spotless white dress and looks like a heavenly figure. She has a medium-sized body. She is neither awfully slim nor utterly fat.

She speaks English very fluently. Her accent is perfect. We learn a lot from her. She has full mastery of English. She knows all the nuances of grammar. I think she has never uttered or written the wrong spelling of a single word in her life.

She takes great pains in bringing home the lessons to students. She does not teach above their head. She writes very smoothly and clearly on the blackboard.

She is in the good books of the Principal and the school managing committee. She teaches the pupils the value of discipline, hard work, high character, good manners, cleanliness, truthfulness, honesty, bravery, and other such virtues.

All the students love her very much. She is very kind to them. She does not undertake tuition work. She teaches very well in the class itself.

She is also a good speaker. She plays badminton in the evening. She attends her class regularly. She never misses any period. She prepares the students for different functions and extra-curricular activities. May she live long!


Essay No. 4

An Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is one who looks upon teaching as a mission. He is dedicated. He is a teacher by choice. He possesses in-depth knowledge about his subjects. He inspires students both inside and outside the classroom. He is of good character and heart. He is noble and sincere in his purpose.

Teaching is a mission for an ideal teacher. He considers it his main objective to guide young minds towards noble action. He believes that only sound young minds can become sound citizens.

He dedicates his life to the service of children and young adults. He sets examples, through his dedication, for the students to follow. His actions shape the young minds and personalities into responsible citizens.

Teaching to him is a matter of choice and not compulsion. An ideal teacher cannot be forcibly made. The urge to guide the destiny of the nation through young children comes from within the soul. He is not bothered about the remuneration of the job. He is concerned about the results of his wards. His quest for knowledge often encourages his students to excel

His honest and sincere perusal of the subjects makes him an authority on them. An ideal teacher is prepared at all times to handle even the most difficult questions of his students. He tries to make the lessons as interesting as possible. He is always up-to-date with the information

An ideal teacher is a source of inspiration both inside and outside the classroom. Students feel free to approach him with their problems. On his part, he tries to solve their problems as objectively as possible.

The strength of the good character of a teacher inspires confidence in young minds. They trust the teacher. They believe in him and the goodness of his heart. Sincerity and nobleness of purpose mark him above all the ordinary teachers and people. An ideal teacher becomes a guiding light for many throughout their lives.

The contribution of an ideal teacher is therefore not insignificant. Society thus should sit up and amply reward him for his untiring efforts.

Essay No. 5

An Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is fully devoted to teaching and learning. He is well qualified in his subject. Still, he goes on to learn more and more. He is a source of inspiration to his students. He inspires his students both inside and outside the classroom.

He is a true guide. He guides his students towards noble deeds, studies, health, and cleanliness. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He does nothing that is unbecoming of an ideal teacher.

He dedicates his life to the service of the students. Through his dedication, he sets examples for the students to follow. His actions shape young minds into good personalities and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

He is a teacher by choice. The urge to guide the destiny of the nation through young students comes from the core of his heart. He never complains about the remuneration of the job. He is worried only about the results and personality of his students. His zest for knowledge encourages his students to outside others.

He has in-depth knowledge of his subject. He comes to his class fully prepared for the topic to be taught. He checks homework carefully. He tries to make his teaching interesting. His knowledge is always up-to-date.

Students are free to approach him with their problems. He never gets annoyed. He tries to solve their problems. His character and personality inspire confidence and respect in his students. They trust him. He is a guiding light for students throughout their lives. The society and the nation must acknowledge the services of an ideal teacher. He must be amply rewarded for his untiring and dedicated service for the nation.


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