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Essay on “I want to become A Teacher or A Doctor” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

I want to become  A Teacher or A Doctor

Both the teacher and the doctor are useful to a country, but both cannot be equality useful. There must be a difference of degree, one may be slightly more useful than the other. The teacher is said to be the maker of the nation. He shapes the mind and character of the students who are bane the future citizens of the country. Just as a gardener prunes and grafts a plant, the teacher prunes the angularities of a student and sets his thinking aright. The teacher teaches the student to think, to express his thoughts and exercise gives the student the key to think to express his thoughts a d exercise gives the student the key to open the store house of knowledge a student comes to light from darkness. The teacher tries to give him the language of courtesy. He improves his behaviors and manners. In short, he prepares a student for leading a civilized and cultured life.

The doctor’s work lies in another field. Instead of being the asker of the nation he is its sustained to some extent. He saves thousands of lives. He tries of removes tears and sighs of the people. The wife whose husband is in the clutches of death, the mother and father whose son is dying, the sister whose brother is counting his last moments, all looks upon the doctor a best friend. The doctor is the magician who distributes the nectar of life.

In this way, we find that both the teacher and the doctor are important in their own way. Without the doctor, there will be more pain and suffering and there will be a larger number of deaths. By what of that? Do the nations whose numerical strength is not much not live honorably? Certainly they do. On the other hand, without the teacher we shall have a nation of rough, unshod individuals. A teacher’s job is certainly more important that a doctor’s. The life of a nation of individuals with wrong thinking, poor understanding, low moral character, no manners and rough language of talk is not worth a penny. A nation, however rich and strong, if it is uncivilized and uncultured, cannot be held in high respect.

The doctor’s importance is to be felt only by those who are sick and stricken with disease. As soon as the disease is cured, the doctor is forgotten. But a teacher’s importance is felt by all. As soon as the child grows to the age of five or six, he is taken to the teacher and he lives in the charge of the teacher and made by the teacher that even after his education is over, he is not able to forget his teacher that even after his education is over, debt has been said to be unrepeatable.

Doctor’s earnings may be more than teacher’s they may be living more luxuriously and may be much better off than teachers as teachers are and it is after all teacher who make doctors, leaders statesmen, lawyers, prime ministers and even kings.



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