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Essay on “If I possess one lakh” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

What would you do if you possessed one lakh of Rupees?

If I possess one lakh of rupees, I shall earmark a part of it for lying the foundation of my future life and spend the rest for public welfare.

I want too much for my education that after being educated, I may be able to earn enough for leading an honorable life. I have a great love for learning and I would like to go for higher education. So straightway, I shall lay aside twenty five thousand rupees for my higher studies. You may say that the amount is too much and that I want too lead a lavish life during my educational period. It is not so. I am a Science student and unfortunately, in India we do not have facilities for hi9gher education in Science. I would therefore, like to go to Germany, Russia or America. During my stay in a foreign country. I would like to earn something side by side with studies. In this way a sum of fifteen thousand would be sufficient otherwise it would have been less than needed for the purpose.

My parents are old and you may think they would require my help. No, there is no need. They have several houses from which they get sufficient rent to get on with their expenses.

I have a great desire to do something for my country and countrymen, but I can do only what is within the scope of the amount I have. So I have my limitations. It will require a great intelligence on my part to make the maximum use of the minimum amount. I want to create a Trust like the ford Trust, the Birla Trust or Nobel Prize Trust so that from the interest of the money of the Trust, I could help a large number of poor and shining students to get on within their studies. I would award them scholarships. Still, I would like to help such students, not with money but with books. I would invest some money in keeping a library. I would invite the contributions of the public. From the library I have I would give to the deserving students course books and help books which they would return at the end of the year. I would invest twenty thousand rupees in this venture.

I would invest twenty thousand in another venture whose nature would also be educational. I would give free boarding and lodging to poor authors who can write well. They would write books and I would get them published. The earnings of the books would be used for helping the families of these learned men, and their children would be helped to go up for higher studies.

I want to do something for orphans and foundlings. I wish that I could start a very big school where these children could be clothed, fed and educated. But unfortunately, my resources are very limited. So I would be able to help them in another way, I would start a crafts workshop where these children would be taught to make toys, pictures, models, tools carpets and a large umber to other things of marketable value. When they have learnt the art they would be provided with material. They would make things which would be sold in the bazaar, and out of the profit, they would get financial help to follow useful occupation in life.

I would spend twenty five thousand rupees in starting this kind of institution and would try to expand it with the cooperation of the people who have a charitable bent of mind. In this way I shall make a proper use of one lakh of rupees.


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