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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 10 Minutes Test 20

20After Nehru, the Congress started practicing opportunistic communalism for the sake of votes- alliance with the Muslim Leagued in Kerala supporting the fundamentalists in the Shah Bano case, authorizing shilanyas at Ayodhya, promising a Christian State in Mizoram and so on.

The Janta Dal; has been encouraging minority communalism  a view to exploiting the Muslim vote bank. Its top leader said obeisance to the Shahi imam to obtain a fatwa’s or Muslim votes. They have been openly following a policy of pampering and appeasement. Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday was declared a national holiday when no demand had been raised for the same and when it is not a holiday in Saudi Arabia and several Muslim countries.

The B.J.P. majority communalism was demonstrated by hits stand on the temple issue and its links with the shiv Sena and the RSS. However, unlike our two neighboring countries, the B.J.P has never made a bid for a theocratic State and has been repeatedly stressing its policy of justice for all and appeasement of introduction of uniform civil code cannot be called communal just because these do not find favor with most Muslim.

The charge of fascism leveled by many in the opposition against the BJP could not bear scrutiny. It was ironical that of all people, Mulayam singh Yadav accusied the BJP of following hitler’s tactics. No other political leader of any party can be castigated more legitimately for doing so than he. As Chief Minister, he had let loose a reign of terror in Uttarakhand tried to cover up the most disgraceful incident of policemen raping women demonstrators in the fields at Muzaffarnagar, allowed his party goons with pokice support to vandalise the temple of justice, ransacking the chamber of the Hom’ble Chief justice in his presence, organize Hulla Biol” attacks on the press and so on.

201George Grenades put up a spirited defense quoting from the election manifestos of the strange political partners with devastating effect, which no one from the opposition could counter. However, the MP from Ballia whose victory had been facilitated by the BJP not putting  up a candidate against him took an entirely different line from the president of his party. He talked about securing power and then having the capability to remain in power. This sounded incongruous keeping in view the fact that he had defected from his party and with barely forty odd MPs had managed to grab power in House of 540 MPs with the support of the congress. His short tenure as a virtual puppet Prime minister came to an end when the congress withdrew its support as had happened earlier in the case of Chowdhary Charan Singh. His personal rejoinder to Barnala was unbecoming But the latter held his cool, without retorting or making any reference to his skeletons. Barnala efficiency pricked the bubbler of the real reason perhaps was the desire of these parties for greater benefits for themselves which could be extracted from a weak conglomeration of parties than from a strong and numerically dominant party. Be that as it may, the fact remains that the B.J.P. perhaps counted its chickens before they were thatched and this brought about the fall of its govt. in parliament. Secularism was made out to be the core issue uniting a motley group of mutually posed parties ranged against the B.J.P. Unfortunately none of the self styles secularists have shown real respect for this philosophy  have a place of honor in the national mainstream. On the basis of percentage of votes every single govt. with sikandar Bakhi’s insistence for a key portfolio.

            The debate ended in the victory of the motley combination of some 14 parties formed of mutually opposed groups during the election, with hitherto no common programmed other than hounding out the BJP. Early this year in his address to the nation the President had warned against corruption, criminalization castes and hydra headed combination appears to have more than a fair share of all these. Deve Gowda is likely to have a very difficult time in managing all the contradict within the time in managing all the contradictions within the front and resting pressures from the major allies outside the Front. He is entitled to the nation’s best wishes for his success and indeed in the concluding portion of his speech, Vajpayee gracefully extended the same to him. There are rumblings of discontent in the State units of the major constituents of the Unite front and its allies.

            The great televised debate in parliament is over but its memory shall remain. It is likely that the swell of sympathy generated for the bjp may help it to covert defeat in victory, at the next battle of the hosting.


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