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Essay on “Five Things I Hate” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Five Things I Hate

I love everything that is good. And I hate everything that is bad. I do not hate anything that can be loved or made lovable. But there are a few things that cannot be made so by any amount of effort. There are five such things that I cannot but hate.

The first thing that I hate is war. It is well known that war results from evil intentions and designs. It entails ghostly horrors and devastation. It takes the toll of human life and causes destruction of wealth. It nullifies the good effects that science has produced on the earth by its peaceful application. The results of war are very painful. I do not like evil to prevail over good.

That is why I hate war.

Next comes lust for power. In fact, it is the lust for power that gives birth to tendencies of war. On the national scene this lust makes the politicians forget their duty towards the country. They indulge in unfair practices and corrupt means to amass wealth and pore for themselves at the cost of the people.

The third thing I hate is backbiting. I love friends and their friendship. But when a friend bites in the back it pains me. ‘a friend should be a real friend. Otherwise he should not profess the face of others. When they are gone they start telling all sorts of ugly tales about them. This is a bad thing, and I do not like to copy others. Copying the styles of others makes one look ridiculous. Copying from others notes corrupts the mind and retards independent thinkers. Copying in the examination hall may result in the loss of even legitimate and due marks. I use my own expression in writing my answers and notes.

In the last, I hate to tell a lie. It is an established fact that lies give birth to innumerable other evils. To conceal or justify one lie, a person has to resort to so many other lies. This creates in him a habit of telling lies all the time. He can never be trusted by any one. He is notorious for this habit. He is bound to fail in life. I therefore, hate to tell a lie. I always speak the truth which is the stepping stone to success.



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