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Essay on “The People I dislike to Meet” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The People I dislike to Meet

If I wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, If character is lost everything is lost.” Men of good character are always honoured by all. But the immoral persons are kept at an arm’s length even by their friends. I dislike men of bad character as they do not care for the rules are rustication of the society. They on the other hand make the society dirty by their obese activities.

I dislike the flatterers very much. They want to rise by the flattery wheezes actually they have no talent. Such persons speak honeyed words to their officers and enjoy what they do not deserve. It has been rightly said that unfaithful foes are better than flatterer friends.

The worst mains he who appears to be what he is not. I greatly hate those who pose too much. All are human beings. A man ceases to be man if he has no humanity. Such persons are hypocrites. They deceive the innocent people.

I mostly dislike the fair weather friends. They are not my friends but the friends of my purse. They can never come to help me in the hour of need. A friend in need is a friend indeed. They are not friends in need. I always keep a close eye on their activities and words and try to avoid their company.

Backbiters and liars are also disliked by me. They have no moral courage. They want to rise at the cost of others. Honesty important matter sin the circle of their friends. But the back bitters report all the things discussed to the officer concerned. Thus they win the favor of their officer.

I dislike those who do not practice what they preach. Ours is the rising nation. Our country does not require merely preachers and impostors. She needs men of practice.

Civic sense is indeed at every step. There are many persons who lack this great virtue. I dislike them. Some people throw rubbish and trash in the streets in front of their houses, others tune their radios at a high pick without earning for the disturbance to the right persons if wrongly delivered to them. Thus they cause trouble to others.

I hate dishonest men greatly. If a factory worker shirks work, he is dishonest. If a teacher does not teach in the class, he is dishonest. Similarly if a doctor dies not do his work sincerely, he is dishonest. The businessmen are also dishonest if they weigh less and give things of inferior quality at higher rates.

Lastly, I dislike traitors. Our country needs patriots. There are some traitors in India. They leak the secrets of India to other countries. They should be strictly dealt with. May God keep men away from the above types of persons!



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