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Essay on “Dr. Manmohan Singh—The Ex-Prime Minister of India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Dr. Manmohan Singh—The  Ex-Prime Minister of India


  Dr. Manmohan Singh, the ex- Prime Minister of India, is a real man of the masses.  From Lamp Post to PM’s Post is the story of his life.  Nobody could ever imagine that the young boy who had used to pour over his lessons for long hours in the light of a street lamp post would one day become the Prime Minister of this great democracy of the world.

                Born in 1933 in Rawalpindi, Manmohan Singh lived in Amritsar for 15 years with his nine siblings after his father Gurumukh Singh shifted his business to Amritsar during the days of the Partition of the subcontinent.  From his school days at Hindu Sabha School, he “was a voracious reader.” Baffled by his son’s surprising devotion to books, his father once remarked: “At this rate Manmohan will become the Prime Minister of India.”  How prophetic were his words!

                After post graduating from the Government College Hoshiarpur, Manmohan joined the Punjab University and became a full professor at the age of just 32 years.  He as a popular teacher in Economics department of the University where he was loved and revered by his students and colleagues alike.  Having left Chandigarh in 1967, he worked for some very prestigious institutions including the London School of Economics (U.K.), Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, South-South Commission,  Asian Development Bank, Reserve Bank of India and the UGC.

                He plunged into full time politics in 1991 when he became the Finance Minister of India.  It was he who set the ball of liberalization and economic reforms rolling.  HE put the shattered economy of the country back on the rails and pushed it onwards to buoyant strides, never to look back again.  His stint as Finance Minister had made him a popular leader with a clean image.

                It is his image as a clean politician and a great economist with a soft-spoken style that won him the great honour of being selected to lead the country after the Congress and its allies won the Lok Sabha elections in May, 2004.  HE does not have the charisma or the political legacy of the Nehru.  Gandhi dynasty, yet he emerged as the Congress Party’s first rank choice when Sonia Gandhi withdrew herself from the post offered to her.  Dr. Manmohan Singh’s choice was hailed by one and all, including his political opponents.

                Dr. Manmohan Singh and his Cabinet have already take charge and started working in full flow. Everybody hopes that they will be able to steer the country on to a position of prosperity and progress in the coming years.


Essay No. 2

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh, our 14th Prime Minister is a man of extreme simplicity and pure integrity. Born on Sept. 26, 1932 at Gah in West Punjab (now in Pakistan), he completed his M.A., D Phil from Oxford University and D Litt from Honoris Causa University.

For his brilliant career he was appointed as a senior lecturer in Economics at Punjab University, Chandigarh only at the age of 25. In 1969 he became the Professor of International Trade, Delhi School of Economic in Delhi University. He also enjoyed the post of Governor, Reserve Bank of India.

 And so far his political career is concerned, he came into politics in June 1991 and became Union Finance Minister. During his tenure he achieved great popularity because of his sincerity and far sightedness.

It was his brilliance and sincerity that made him the leader of the party of head the Country as its new Prime Minister after the decline of Ms. Sonia Gandhi to hold this chair.

Mr. Singh took oath on 23rd May 2004 and became the most educated Prime Minister of India. He was a world – class economist, educated at several Cambridge colleges where he won honours of prestigious Wrenbury scholarship. The most positive aspect of his new career is that he has no political agenda of his own like Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao. Mr. Singh’s AICC biodata lists him as a ‘professor and civil servant’

He spent long year as a successful teacher. A generation of students remember him as a great teacher. Those who studied international economics with him at Delhi School of Economics say he would use his practical experience to life subject from its “theorem- based theorizing.”

Mr. Singh is deeply religious, but most certainly does not wear his religion on his sleeve. He is the first of the minority Sikh Community to become PM. There are many hopes and aspirations from this non- controversial person. He has to tackle a lot of rough weather of Indian politics. Still it is hoped that he would handle it with great care. He has enjoyed Ms. Gandhi’s trust in a manner that few others do. It is not a matter of words and ideology – there were many who have in the past appeared closer to Ms. Gandhi – but common traits of modesty, bordering on self- effacement, integrity and ability. And so her decision to put him forward as the PM is the clearest signal that reforms will be on track, albeit with a human face. 

In his very first conference after being invited by President Abdul Kalam to form the new government, Singh said his regime would pursue disinvestment on a selective basis and encourage both the public and private sectors. He also seems to give focus on education, health for all. Environment, housing and agriculture, so far secular agenda is concerned he highlights the need of communal harmony. Thus, we , the  citizens of India, can hope an atmosphere of peace, created by our hon’ble Prime Minister.  


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