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Essay on “The Threat of Bio-Terrorism” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Threat of Bio-Terrorism


Terrorism displayed its most hideous face on September 11, 2001 when Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda militants attacked the W.T.C. building in USA and killed more than 5000 innocent US citizens.  An angry US nation decided to his back and root out terrorism from anywhere and everywhere in the world.  The US planes attacked Afghanistan from where Laden was operating.  The Taliban regime, made up of fundamentalist Muslim militants, was brought to an end and a new government consisting of the relatively progressive local Afghans came to power.

                As US planes were pounding the Taliban positions with powerful bombs, the Talibans declared that they would not hesitate from launching a biological attack on the USA. It was during these days that an Anthrax attack was launched.  Anthrax is a deadly medicine power that can kill the person who touches it or inhales it.  Some letters containing Anthrax were received by different people in different parts of the USA.  The authorship of these letters was not disclosed by the senders.

                The danger is not yet over.  Several terrorist outfits in different parts of the world are still working on bio-logical weapons that can spell doom and disaster.  It was once feared that there were some factories in Iraq which were manufacturing such chemical weapons.  Even though the USA could not find any such factories, the presence of such factories cannot be completely ruled out.

                The situation is very explosive.  Anything can happen anytime anywhere in the world.  In sheer, desperation the terrorists may strike anywhere in a big way.  After the failure of the suicide squads in some attacks, they are now planning to stoop to more uncivilized way to create chaos and anarchy.  The entire civilized world is worried as to how these misguided groups can be tackled.  They do not understand any words of wisdom, it is the language of the gun only that they believe in.  In such a situation one can only pray for good sense to dawn on these people so that they learn to live and let others live in peace.


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